Everything We Know About the Gabby Petito Case

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On Sunday, Sept. 19, the remains of Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito were discovered near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Petito went missing at the end of August while traveling through the western part of the United States with her fiancé, Brian Laundrie.

Laundrie, despite returning home to Florida without Petito, refused to speak with authorities about her whereabouts and has apparently fled, not having been seen since Sept. 14. Petito’s death has been ruled a homicide and authorities continue their search for Brian Laundrie, who has been named a person of interest in the case. 

Here is everything we know about the case so far.

June 2021

In June, Petito and Laundrie leave North Port, Fla., where the pair share a home with Laundrie’s parents, for a road trip across the United States. They leave in a white van, which they will be living out of for the next several months. 

Photo posted by @Gabspetito on Instagram

Over the next couple months, Petito regularly posts updates of the pair’s adventures on her Instagram account, @Gabspetito. She also maintains frequent contact with her family in Long Island, N.Y. 

Aug. 12

The Moab, Utah, police respond to a call on Aug. 12 reporting a domestic dispute between Petito and Laundrie. In the bodycam footage from the event, one officer can be heard describing his conversation with the 911 caller, quoting them as saying they “never saw the male strike the female,” however they “saw the male trying to lock her out of the vehicle.” The officer continues, “she eventually clawed her way in through the driver’s door. I never saw him hit her, I saw him shove her, but I couldn’t tell if it was an aggression against her or a defense against her.” 

Petito is seen crying while Laundrie jokes with the responding officers. Both parties assert that they love each other and don’t want to press charges, however, they spend the night apart per the suggestion of the officers on scene.

Aug. 24

On Aug. 24, Petito FaceTimes with her mother for the last time, telling her that she and Laundrie are leaving Utah and headed towards Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. 

Aug. 25

On Aug. 25, Petito corresponds with her mother over text multiple times throughout the day. She also updates Instagram with what would be her final post. 

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Aug. 30

On Aug. 30, Petito’s family receives their last text message from her phone number, reading, “No service in Yosemite.” The family does not believe the text to have been sent by Petito. 

Sept. 1

On Sept. 1 at 10:26 a.m. ET, the white van that Petito and Laundrie had been traveling in, exits Interstate 75 towards North Port. Laundrie returns alone to the home he shares with Petito and his parents. 

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Sept. 11

After not being able to reach Petito for nearly two weeks, Petito’s family reports her missing to the Suffolk County, N.Y., Police Department. That same day, North Port Authorities go to Laundrie’s home and ask to speak with him and his family. Laundrie refuses to talk and refers authorities to his lawyer. 

Sept. 17

Laundrie’s parents inform authorities that they haven’t seen Brian since Sept. 14, when he left home, telling them he was going hiking in the Carlton Reserve wilderness. 

Sept. 18

North Port police announce that they are searching for Laundrie at the Carlton Reserve in Florida.

The FBI announce that they are conducting a search of Grand Teton National Park in relation to Petito’s disappearance. 

Sept. 19

Human remains are discovered in Teton County, Wyo. Officials say in a press conference that the remains are “consistent with the description of Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito.” As of Sept. 19, the cause of death is not yet determined and the investigation is ongoing.

Sept. 20

Federal authorities conduct a search of the Laundrie family home in North Port.

Sept. 21

The FBI confirms that the human remains found in Teton County, Wyo. are those of Petito. The death is ruled a homicide, however, the cause of death “remains pending final autopsy results.” 

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Sept. 22

On Sept. 22, The U.S. District Court of Wyoming issues a federal warrant for the arrest of Laundrie. 

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Sept. 23

The City of Moab, Utah announces that they will be investigating their police department’s handling of the domestic dispute between Petito and Laundrie on Aug. 12. 

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A memorial service for Petito was held from noon to 5 p.m. on Sept. 26 at the Moloney Funeral Home in Holbrook, Long Island. The service was open to the public. Petito’s father, Joseph Petito, asked in a tweet, that in lieu of flowers, donations be sent for the Future Gabby Petito Foundation through the Johnny Mac Foundation.  



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