Recipes to Use Up the Rest of Your Easter Candy

By the time all the Easter festivities come to a close and you’ve returned to your routine, oftentimes we find ourselves burried under piles and piles of chocolate bunnies, peeps and jelly beans. So what do you do with all the leftover candy? To end this too-common problem, Valley compiled a list of recipes to help combat the chocolate bunny overload.

Too Many Peeps in Your Basket?

Peeps are great — or, at least the first two or three are. But when you realize you have three more rows of sugar-crusted marshmallows to finish, it becomes a chore to get rid of them.

Peeps S’mores: Domestic Superhero, a creative food blog, has created a recipe for Peeps s’mores — a twist on a classic summer treat that’s perfect for campfires.

Peeps Popcorn: Another foodie blog, Yellow Bliss Road, has created a super easy recipe for your next movie night. It’s almost like the delicious combination of Rice Crispy treats and caramel corn and will most certainly not disappoint.

Peeps Candy Bars: These delicious brownie-like treats, created by The Domestic Rebel, will knock out other chocolate-y candies in your basket as well. They are also super pretty, Insta-worthy snacks.

An Abundance of Cadbury Eggs?

Between Cadury’s creme eggs and mini eggs, this chocolate company has seemingly taken over the Easter Holiday.

Cadbury Creme Egg Candies Dip: How to Nest for Less has created a yummy dip for you and your friends to share post-Easter. This chocolate-y spin on a Dunkaroo’s frosting can be shared with some graham crackers, pretzels, or whatever snacks you already have in your kitchen.

Chocolate Cadbury Egg Cookies: These cookies will definitely satisfy any residual chocolate cravings you may have. Tastes Better from Scratch‘s recipe will help you get rid of leftover mini eggs with cookies that your friends will be excited to share.

Leftover Jelly Beans?

Even if jelly beans are your favorite Easter candy, it is inevitable that you’ll have tons of leftovers.

Jelly Bean Donuts: If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious in your baking ventures, Melanie Makes created a recipe for jelly bean donuts that will give you an excuse to eat candy for breakfast.

With these sweet and simple recipes, you’ll be using up all your leftover Easter candy in no time.


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