Quiz: What Kind of Pug are You?

Everyone loves pugs. They’re adorable, photogenic, and whenever you see one, you can’t help but smile. Ever wonder what it would be like to join the #PugLife? Take this Quiz to find out what kind of adorable and unique pug you would be!

1. There is a door in your way to go outside, what do you do?

A) Use the doggy door
B) Bark at your owner to open the door
C) Stare at the door and then stare at your owner (repeat process)
D) Run around the house barking and jumping
E) Run into the screen door

2. Dinner is served, what are you eating and how?

A) Doggy food from my doggy bowl
B) Giving my owners puppy dog eyes waiting for table scraps
C) Sitting next to my humans with my own chicken breast
D) Sitting inside my empty bowl waiting for second dinner
E) Snorting up my kibble that has scattered itself all around the floor

3. Time to get dressed, what is your favorite accessory?

A) My classic dog collar and dog tag
B) My favorite bow
C) My rhinestone collar and matching dog bag
D) The costume my owner forced me into
E) All natural – I’m my own accessory

4. Where do you sleep?

A) Dog bed
B) Owner’s lap
C) Owner’s bed
D) In front of the fridge
E) Sprawled out everywhere

5. Your pug Halloween costume is ____?

A) A bumblepug
B) A pugberry
C) Starpugs
D) Pugception
E) Captain Pugs Sparrow

6. How does your owner walk you?

A) On a harness
B) Being loved by strangers
C) Being pushed in a stroller
D) Rolling around in the grass
E) Exercise?

7. You don’t like your dog food, what do you do?

A) Eat it anyway
B) Don’t eat it
C) Don’t eat it and get human food
D) Eat a little and made gag noises
E) Eat it too fast then throw it up in my owner’s shoe

8. Your owners are leaving, what’s your response?

A) Let them go, they’ll be back
B) Where are you going?! Take me with you!
C) Sit in front of the door preventing them from leaving
D) Take a nap
E) Start running in circles to distract them from leaving

9. Who are you playing with at the dog park?

A) Everyone
B) Another puppy my age
C) My pedigree friends
D) My owner
E) Myself

10. What is your dog toy?

A) A tennis ball
B) A squeaky toy
C) A stuffed animal
D) A shoe
E) A rock


normal pugMostly A’s = NORMAL PUG
You are the most sensible pug around town. Own that classic pug look and calming stature of a true pug god. You stick to the traditional dog mottos of life. You get along with every human, dog, and/or cat.



cute pugMostly B’s = CUTE PUG
You attack with puppy dog eyes. Your owner doesn’t stand a chance against you. When you simply just bat an eyelash, you can get anything you want. Your cuteness masks your ability to get anything and everything because your owners are too distracted with your outwards appearance to notice that true mastermind behind your eyes. You love cute accessories and you are the true meaning behind aPUGable! (Adorable)



Sassy pug

Mostly C’s = SASSY PUG

You are basically the most basic of all pugs. You’re the most demanding but most loved. I mean look at you; you deserved to be pampered like a pug princess. You always get what you want and you are always fierce. Sassy pug does what Sassy pug wants.


weird pugMostly D’s = WEIRD PUG
You’re not the average pug. You march to your own beat of your own drum – that might not be a drum. You are the hipsters of the pug scene and you fully accept it. You do you while your owner looks at you in disbelief that you are truly their pet. Don’t mind them, matter a fact don’t mind anyone because you are Weird pug: own it.


Derp pug

Mostly E’s = DERP PUG
You are Derp Pug! You didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life choose you! You live way outside the box ignoring anything remotely normal and not you. You are the most special of all pugs because you are what we think of when a pug comes to mind. Live it. Own it. Be it. DERP PUG