Evolution of the Booty

Bootyliciouss (boo·ty·li·cious). If you were to look up the word bootylicious in the dictionary, you would see that 1. It is an actual word and 2. This is another thing that Queen Beyoncé can now have credit to. The root word of bootylicious has become the latest trend in the media.

Behold, The Booty.

This word since it came out of Beyoncé Knowles mouth herself in the self titled song, Bootylicious, has been one of the main focuses use to glorify the female’s body part. The booty also known as the butt has been the prominent form of sexual desire seen in social media today. Celebrities joining Knowles in the movement are Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus and many more.

You are probably wondering where the fascination about the booty started, since it wasn’t a recognized body part due to the pressures of being a slimmer woman with small body parts in mainstream media. Nowadays, the “evolution of the booty” and the positive mindset that mainstream media has now adopted has gradually changed due to the better acceptance that not all women are born being a size two in jeans. Celebrities, especially in the music industry, have found a way to voice their positive opinion on the female body part as a form of self-expression and self-love.

Corrina Williams, a junior majoring broadcast journalism, finds the “evolution of the booty” as being a positive thing in the media, “I actually do love the song Anaconda, because it’s a fun song that talks about the butt and Minaj is a bad-ass when it comes to booty power (no pun intended).”

Even though, Anaconda was a remake of the original song from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back, she wanted her version to be instead of degrading women as how it was seen in the original version, to be focused more on women owning their power in sexuality and having the roles reversed. However, not all view Minaj’s song or the as a positive thing for female’s to embrace.

Jennifer Prechtl, a junior majoring in advertising said, “The song itself is debatable but I actually don’t like the last line of the song, Fuck those skinny bitches. That part is offensive to girls who are naturally skinny and just glorifies girls who are curvy. How is that fair?”

Yes, the song is focused more on curvier women since they are not seen as the “ideal” image of a woman’s body, but it doesn’t mean that you have to bash someone else’s body parts to make yourself feel right. While some may argue about the usage of the language that Minaj uses in her song, it doesn’t take away from the point that the main goal is to focus and bring attention to her butt. Such impact has been affecting younger generation and their means to flaunt that particular asset. Twerking has become a dance phenomenon that you probably practice with your friends in the mirror on a Friday night before going out. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus use this dance craze to let loose and to work what their mama gave them. And this could serve as a great workout for your gluts!

Whether it be from listening to Nicki Minaj rap lyrics about her buns to Miley Cyrus twerking it on stage, the “evolution of the booty” has become a fascination within our generation and instead of ignoring it, try to embrace it in your own way, big or not.


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