London Calling: Why Oxfords Are a Closet Necessity

Photo by Susannah Foos

Oxford shoes aren’t just for people across the pond in London, you can (and should) wear them right here in State College!

Barefoot downtown has a “variety of both men and women Oxford shoes” says store manager Sabrina Redfoot. Women’s Oxfords and flats can be purchased at a range of $60 to $78.

There are two different styles of Oxfords, wingtip (or brogues) and cap-toe. The most popular kind of oxfords are the cap-toe. What’s the significance of their name? There is an extra leather piece that rests across the toes. Wingtip Oxfords, otherwise known as Brogues, are more causal than the cap-toe. Brogues can be identified by the extra leather pieces that run along each shoe’s side. Since Brogues are more casual, they are more commonly worn with jeans. But either cap-toes or brogues look fabulous with a simple shift dress or fresh-cut trouser!

Why should you own a pair of oxfords? Junior film major Irvine Paine says, “Oxfords are a unique type of shoe that will surely make an impression.” Good impressions? Count us in, especially for all those job fairs and interviews hiding just around the corner!

Sabrina Redfoot, shoe expert and Barefoot store manager, agrees, “Sales for oxfords definitely increase during job fair season because they are a professional shoe that doesn’t conform to a gender norm.” Easily worn by men or women, oxfords are universal and add a professional edge to any ensemble.

If you’re looking to stand out, “Shop oxfords when looking for something different,” says Redfoot. Oxfords are naturally heeled at a short half an inch, so if you’re looking for something with a little extra height (and head-turning drama) go to Clarks where you can find some platform heel oxfords.

Don’t be afraid to break the mold, next time you leave the house throw on a pair of Oxfords, and strut down E College like it’s Abbey Road!


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