Pushing Up Daisies

Florio.DaisyPictureSunflowers and roses and daffodils – oh my! Floral is a classic look that has been popular for years, and it never goes out of style. I would bet you my favorite NYX lipstick that there’s at least one floral piece in your closet. (I’m right, aren’t I?) But even though florals serve as the perfect go-to print, a new flower is on the rise – daisies.

As the boho look becomes increasingly popular, so does the rise of the daisy. But why all of a sudden the sudden burst of flower power? And how can the more conservative nix the hippie look?

“They’re becoming more popular since the seasons are changing. It’s a more juvenile print, so you could easily dress it up with something nicer, like black and white. Maybe even through in some denim to offset the bright colors,” say Urban Outfitters Manager Laura Kerpovich.

April showers bring May flowers, and daisies are here just in time for spring and summer. The major upside: they can virtually be paired with anything to create any look. Whether you’re bohemian, classic, girly, punk, or hipster – everyone has a little room for flowers.

“Daisies are great because you can dress them up or down with anything. For a daisy print top, you could easily pair it with some high-waisted jeans or a skater skirt. For a layered look, daisies can also be rocked with a kimono as a statement piece,” says Alexandria Gonzalez, Assistant Manager as People’s Nation. “There’s even the flower crown, though that definitely takes some guts to pull off.”

So next time PA gives us a break from the cold and actually shows some sun…girl, treat yo’ self. Splurge on that cute daisy crop top or stop by Urban Outfitters and pick up their new daisy print vest. If you’re feelin’ the love, maybe invest in a flower crown. Woodstock, anyone?

Photo by Sam Florio


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