Planning Ahead: Spring Break Must-Haves

DekaGoodie.SpringBreakMustHaveAs the temperature dips further and snow becomes an everyday occurrence, Penn State students start to fantasize about one thing: Spring Break. Perhaps, they’ll go to Florida, Mexico or the Dominican Republic. Whatever the case may be, most students opt for fun in the sun for their vacation, which means changing your wardrobe from snowsuit to swimsuit for the occasion.

“I definitely like to look nice when I go on spring break, but I try my best to not over-pack or bring too much,” says Margarita Romero, junior, criminal justice major. “I hate having to carry around a lot with me.”
For those of you who, like Romero, want to look good but don’t want to be weighted down with luggage, here are the top five essentials that will keep your suitcase light and you looking good!

1. Bathing Suit
So this one should be a no-brainer. If you’re going somewhere warm where you can actually go into the beach water without getting hypothermia, then make sure you pack a bathing suit or two. As always, pick one that suits you and your body type. But, please, don’t wear one of those bathing suits with the weird cut-outs… because your tan lines will be just as weird.

2. Sundress
This is probably the most practical piece of clothing you can bring. You can easily throw it over your bathing suit and head to the beach or wear it with flip-flops and a tote to explore the town. No matter the occasion, you’ll feel put-together in just a few minutes.

3. Shorts and shirt combo
As always, leave some room for a good pair of shorts and about three good shirts to go with them. Since you’ll only be on spring break for a week, you won’t need an endless supply of shorts. Jean shorts are the most common, but don’t be afraid to throw in some color and patterns. Remember though, if your shorts have patterns and are really “busy”, keep your top simple by picking a monochromatic shirt.

4. Little Dress (Think “LBD” minus the “B”)
While you spend the days lounging by the pool or at the beach, the nights will most likely be spent going out to parties, clubs and bars. For these occasions, dressing up a little more is definitely appropriate, which is why you need the perfect little dress. However, this is Spring Break― think color and leave your little black dress at home. Try and find a turquoise dress or if you’re daring enough, a hot pink one. Nude shoes pair perfectly with all colors and they elongate your legs, a two-for-one deal!

5. A Few Accessories
Now that we’ve got your wardrobe covered, it’s time to focus on the accessories. A pair of flip-flops is a must, as is a pair of going-out shoes. If you want to keep your suitcase light, pick a black or nude pair that will go great with anything. Also, pick a larger tote for daytime and a small clutch for night. Keep it simple with jewelry. You don’t want those weird ring and watch tans but it’s definitely appropriate to throw on a nice necklace or a cute pair of earrings at night. Last but not least, your favorite pair of sunglasses is an essential so you’re not squinting all day long and sun block so you don’t come back to Happy Valley looking like a lobster.

Photo by Deka Goodie


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