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ShantelleWilliams.NecklacesThe right accessories can take any outfit to the next level. But with so many options to choose from and such little storage space in the dorms, how is a girl supposed to properly accessorize? Luckily Valley‘s here to help, with a few suggestions of accessories that can be worn day or night, so we can look our best while saving on space. These accessories go double duty to help you add that special something to any outfit.

The Statement Necklace
The statement necklace is a must-have accessory for every wardrobe. There are many varieties of statement necklaces, but generally they are shorter in length and meant to be large and loud. While wearing a statement necklace may initially seem awkward and overdone, there is no better way to draw attention to your collarbone and face than a necklace that commands attention. Plus, they’re versatile. The statement necklace can be worn with a simple LBD or with a classic button-down to give a daytime outfit that extra sparkle.

Combat Boots
Combat boots can be a surprising, edgy addition to an outfit. “You can dress them up or down with a flirty dress or skinny jeans,” says Teddy Swett, the manager of Metro. Combat boots can add contrast to an outfit of otherwise girly items or add to the tough girl look. They’re also great for winter because any wear and tear only makes them look more authentic!

The Blazer
Whether they’re black, white or floral, blazers should be a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. Much more fashion forward than the cardigan, the blazer can be paired with anything from a t-shirt (for a casual look) to a dress (for added warmth and style). The sleekness of a blazer helps give an outfit an extra edge, and is never frumpy. Pair with bracelets to accentuate the cuffs, and don’t be afraid to play with color!

The Wedge Bootie
While at first glance this accessory seems strictly for night, it can do wonders for daytime outfits. The key is considering what to pair them with. “Wedge booties with tights and a skirt look really cute,” says Swett.

The wedge bootie for daytime is best paired with something feminine and flowy (to add that extra playfulness) or skinny jeans and a feminine top. If you’re looking for a more subtle version, try a lace-up bootie.

The Neutral Bag
There’s nothing better when you’re strapped for space and time than a bag that can go with anything. “It’s simple for the day, but could also go for night. You want a simple bag that’s a neutral color,” says Swett. A shoulder bag in brown or black can work with almost any outfit, and has enough storage room to make the investment worthwhile.

Photograph by Shantelle Williams

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