Winterizing Your Wardrobe

As we approach the heart of winter, the temperatures drop lower – and the heat gets cranked up higher. What do you do when you’re shivering outside but sweating inside?

What do you wear? Read on for a few tips on winterizing your wardrobe.

To be comfortable indoors, start with something thin – like a t-shirt or tank – then add enough layers over top to accommodate for the outside temperatures.

“You can just take a basic t-shirt and put the cardigan over it or a flannel or a sweater – even a hoody is cute,” says Brianna Robinson, sales associate at Urban Outfitters.

Choose a bottom layer that is complemented by what you layer it with, but can stand alone as an outfit when you remove the sweater or cardigan. Get creative. Pair a graphic tee with a flannel, then tie the flannel around your waist indoors. Also, layer with something that won’t be too heavy, like a crochet sweater.

Just as important as your outfit, is the outermost layer that will keep you warm outside. A heavy winter jacket is always a must have to survive the freezing State College winters, but there are other options to consider as well. Vests have become really popular.

“I know the North face ones can be really, really warm. I see a lot of people with vests now,” Robinson says.

Not only do they keep you warm, but they also allow you to show off all of those layers and complete your outfit. To really add something unique to your wardrobe, try a denim vest.

Adding another option to consider for an outer layer, Robinson says, “The army jackets… I bought one of those and I wear it inside like it’s an outfit jacket but then sometimes I wear it outside so it keeps me warm.”

The final trick to adapting your wardrobe to winter weather is how you accessorize. Robinson mentions the benefits of wearing knee-high socks with boots and adding scarves up top.  Scarves are great because they are removable, and therefore very adaptable.

“The infinity scarves, they’re getting a lot chunkier so it’s not like the typical boring scarves, you can actually wear them indoors and then you can go outside with them,” she says.

Photograph by Kylin Chen

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