My First Thong

Photo by Devon Pankiw

Everyone has their first thong story, and usually it’s not a pretty one. Most of the time it involves buying a thong in secrecy after being dropped off from the mall and then hiding it from your parents for at least a year. Valley asked a few Penn State students to tell us about their first thong, and here’s what we found out.

“My first thong was white with little oranges on it. I still have it.” – Tiffany, sophomore Kinesiology major

“I think it had cupcakes on it. Or cookies. I know it was definitely pink. My mom actually bought it for me. I was probably too old to be wearing underwear with cupcakes on them.” –Christie, freshman Biology major

“It was red lace. I really went all out. I had to hide it from my mom.” –Jessie, senior Economics major

“Mine was pink and gold stripes. The gold stripes were glittery. I hand-washed it, but not to hide it from my parents. I was just scared that the gold glitter would come off in the washing machine.” –Jillian, senior Risk Management major

“I got my first thong for Christmas when I was 13. It was white with blue snowflakes and blue lace at the top. I opened it in front of my dad and brother. I honestly wanted to die.” – Dana, junior Supply Chain Management major

“It was some type of animal print—I think cheetah. Was cheetah print even a thing back then?” –Amanda, senior Biobehavioral Health major

“It was black and it had kisses on it— like those lipstick prints. My grandma got it for me. So awkward.” –Kayleigh, sophomore Health Policy and Administration major

“Mine was Joe Boxer, so it had that weird smiley face with the tongue out on the front. Kind of inappropriate when you think about it.” –Kayla, freshman Nursing major

“It had little American flags all over it. I think it was black. My mom got it for me. Solid choice, mom.” –Haley, senior Marketing major

“It had Elmo on it. I’m not kidding. So weird.” –Faith, senior Spanish major