Penn State Pet Peeves

Biller.PetPeeve.WinterWhile this is an incredible school and we’re all so lucky and happy to be here, there’s no doubting that there are some pet peeves from being around this area that only Penn Staters can understand:


There’s nothing worse than seeing you have a class in Forum. The desks are too tiny and the rows are so small that it doesn’t make sense for adults to be sitting in there. God forbid you drop your pencil or have to squeeze past people sitting on the ends of the aisles.

The Weather

It seems like we get 10 nice days out of the year here sometimes. When it’s winter, it’s constantly snowing (or at least it was this year) and we don’t get snow days; when it’s spring or fall, it’s always raining. We can’t win.


When you’re on the bus or driving, you hate pedestrians. When you’re walking, you hate cars and buses. But no matter what, you always hate cyclists. While I commend them for being super healthy and biking to class, it’s annoying for everybody else who’s trying to get out of their way. I’ve also never seen anybody hit by a bus or a car, but probably about once a semester I’ve seen someone get wiped out by a cyclist.

Almost everything with the White Loop

The CATA buses are such a convenience, but few things are more annoying than the Meridian, East Halls, and library stops on the White Loop. Not to mention people never moving to the back of the bus to make room, people who only take the bus one stop and trying to get on a Loop on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night after it passed East.

Photo by Kyle Biller


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