Penn State Lives Here

Hsieh.PennStateLivesHerePenn State’s new brand campaign, “Penn State Lives Here” is being distributed around the Penn State campus this week. The new slogan replaces the most recent, “It’s Your Time.” Signs with the new slogan can be found around campus at locations like the Berkey Creamery, Rec Hall and Pattee and Paterno Libraries.

Sara Simcox, assistant director for research planning and marketing, says the new brand initiative was created to embody all of Penn State, not just the student body. It is meant to represent the best things about being a Penn Stater.

“It is meant to speak to the DNA, the core. It’s also something meant to bring all of our audiences and important stakeholders together,” Simcox says.

The new slogan is a way of uniting Penn state students, alumni and staff whether they are living here on campus or in a different country.

Senior Fran Minnick says he believes the new campaign better represents Penn State because it is more in the present and includes every aspect of Penn State.

“I think the new slogan is actually perfect because it really embodies what we are all about here at Penn State, “ Minnick says. “As students we are very passionate about what we do involving the school whether it’s sports or academics.”

“Penn State Lives Here” has been in the works for a few years. It was debuted Homecoming weekend and will continue to be presented around campus. As for the most recent slogan, “It’s Your Time,” the university believes it is geared more towards prospective students and will continue to be used for that purpose.

Although the new brand campaign has received both good and bad critiques, it is important to be educated about what is occurring on campus. “Penn State Lives Here” is a reminder of how strong the Penn State community is. It is something that every Penn Stater can relate to and outsiders have no concept of. Whether we are being made fun of in the news or praised for our accomplishments…

WE ARE a family.

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh


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