Paris Hilton Testifies Against Abusive Teen Centers

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Paris Hilton’s management took to Instagram livestreams on Feb. 8 to record her taking a stand in a Utah court while backing a bill to promote the investigation and closure of “therapeutic” teen boarding schools.

In recent years, Hilton revealed shocking news about her past that she had kept hidden for years. For a quick recap, the Y2K-socialite talked about her traumatic experience as a teenager in her documentary, discussing how the boarding school she attended was neglectful and even abusive to their students—all of whom were very young and impressionable.

These acts of abuse ranged from feeding them undisclosed pills to verbal and physical abuse. Hilton said they would even watch the teenagers shower. In the documentary, Hilton also recounted her most traumatizing memory which was being locked in a cold, stark room in the cellar without clothing, also known as “solitary confinement,” for days on end with the only connection to other students being hearing their screams and cries echoing throughout the basement. The “treatment” was said to be so traumatic that to this day, Hilton still suffers nightmares and insomnia.

Hilton mustered up the courage to give a testimony in court about her experience at Provo Canyon School while also giving a voice to others who were afraid to speak out. She testified in favor of the Utah bill promoting the investigation of such institutions, of which there happen to (allegedly) be many in southwestern states and in Mexico. 

Paris wipes tears after an emotional testimony on the Feb. 8, 2021
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Many of her supporters were shocked but proud to see Hilton taking a stand against these abusive centers for troubled teens, and came together on the Instagram livestream to watch the event play out. You can hear the pure emotion and urgency behind her voice as she nearly drew tears while giving her speech. 

Aerial photo of the Provo Canyon School
Photo by Francisco Kjolseth from The Salt Lake Tribune 

Provo Canyon—and many other of these institutions—brands itself as “mental growth” or “therapeutic” boarding schools for troubled teens when in reality, the treatment is quite the contrary to what is promoted. To add to that, many of these schools actually charge fees in order to cover the students’ “rehabilitation costs.” Unfortunately, these schools aren’t regulated 

Since Hilton’s term at the school, the Provo Canyon institution is under new ownership and thus can’t provide commentary on Hilton’s statements. Allegedly, the previous owners sold the school in 2000. 

Luckily, Hilton speaking up in her documentary and in court gave a voice to others who shared similar experiences, including Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson and Kat Von D, a famous tattoo artist and socialite. 

During the testimony, Paris called upon congressmen and President Biden to start taking action. She told reporters that this is, “just the first step” and promised not to stop until change happens.



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