Not A Good Day to Be David Dobrik.

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It is not the best time right now for Creator David Drobirk and the Vlog squad, his YouTube group. Over the past few weeks, allegations of rape and assault have come out against members of the vlog squad. Dobrik ties in with the mix since it was his videos that all these issues happened from. 

Seth‘s Allegations

Last month, a former member of the vlog squad, Joseph “Seth” Francois came out claiming that he was sexually assaulted in one of Dobrik’s videos they pranked him into kissing another man, Jason Nash, without his consent. Francois was told it was another woman as his sexuality is straight and claims that people harass him about it till this day. Later on, another member of the vlog squad, Scotty Sire, released a video climbing that Seth was well aware of the situation as he was the one who requested it to be in another vlog. Sire has since deleted the video since fans were saying it was a shame Dobrik’s friends who were discussing the situation but not the creator of the pranks himself. This incident that Francois spoke up about led to more allegations to follow right after.

Oh No Dirty Dom. 

After the allegations of sexual assault from former member Fransico came out, more came to follow that was even worse. Dominykas Zeglaitis, or known as Durte Dom or Dirty Dom in Dobrik’s vlogs, was accused of rape by girls that were gathered by Dobrik to film a sketch for the vlog. Keep in mind his role in Dobrik’s vlogs is a sex addict. A girl by the name of Hannah was invited to Dobrik’s apartment with some college friends. After the clip was filmed, Dobrik left the girls at the apartment and they also supplied the girls with alcohol since they were not over 21 to buy it for themselves. Hannah claims she was too drunk to consent to even engage in any sexual activity when he pursued the girl. The vlog of the threesome segment they were involved in has since been taken down. Zeglaitis came out with a video to defend himself about more sexual allegations being placed against him as well.

Old Friends Speaking Out 

Many YouTubers and creators over the years have been either apart or featured in David’s vlogs. Trisha Paytas, famous Youtuber and ex-girlfriend of Jason Nash, Dobrik’s best friend, has recently spoken out about interactions she has had with the group. Paytas discussed her side of the Dirty Dom situation and how Dobrik has partied with other creators such as Emma Chamberlin who was underage at the time. In one of Dobrik’s vlogs, Paytas jokingly but not really joking said that Dobrik better be careful because of all the dirt she has against him and well, she was not wrong.

This is not the first time Paytas has spoken out against Dobrik’s vlogs as she has exposed Brandon Calvillo for dating someone underage as well. Trisha Paytas has no shame when speaking the truth and posting it whether on YouTube or Tik Tok which made Dobrik’s lawyers not allow her to be eligible for the Dirty Dom case claiming she has a mental illness. Paytas had nothing to do with the case other than she was a witness being there since she was dating Nash and was not actually harassing anyone to be there.

David’s Apology 

After all of this controversy has been air, Dobrik finally released a video this week about everything coming out—that was only two minutes long. Fans were shocked that this was all Dobrik had to say since this has been such a big issue the past month or so. Dobrik titled his video “Let’s Talk” but has disabled comments so it is not possible to discuss what is going on. Lawsuits have been thrown his way from many scenarios that he is now dealing with but no charges have yet been brought.

Goodbye Brand Deals

Even if some are still on Dobrik’s side, his brand deals are not. Dobrik has been notorious for having brands partner with him on many collaborations that have made his videos even more popular such as buying his friends luxury cars or giving money away to subscribers. Brands that have dropped David Dobrik this week include: Hello Fresh, Door Dash, Dollar Shave Club, EA Sports, General Mills, and Audible.

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