Overalls: Love ‘em or Leave ‘em?

Florio.OverallsCue the flashbacks to adorable baby pictures, when wearing overalls was the norm. But are they ok to wear as college students?

Carrie Bradshaw has undoubtedly pulled off the interesting look throughout her “Sex and the City” career, so it must be ok, right? Ultimately, it’s your decision on whether or not you want to take the risk. If you’re willing, there are several easy ways to pull them off.

Overalls are supposed to be cute, bringing back the emotions associated with youth and innocence. Therefore, your outfit must be light. It is imperative that you stay away from heavy and bulky fabrics that cover your entire body.

“Overalls are a flashback to recesses on the jungle gym when we were in second grade,” says senior Alex Heyl.

Find a pair of overalls in flirty fabrics. They don’t have to be denim or corduroy, like we wore in the early ‘90s. Choose fabrics like twill, cotton or linen. All of these lighter-weight fabrics are soft and will make you want to lounge around all day wearing the get-up.

Next, pick a cute color that suits you. For this spring, look into pastels. Colors like periwinkle, baby blue and mint green are perfect. If you’re set on wearing denim overalls, lean toward lighter denim. Dark denim will make your outfit look heavy and take away from the lightness of the look.

If you want to go with longer overalls, make sure to choose a cropped pair. Full-length overalls are too literal and constricting. Shin length overalls are also ideal for this spring transition weather. Pair cropped overalls with a tank top and leave one strap unhooked or even try a lacey bralette to add some fun sex appeal.

“I like the [overall] look but don’t think I’d be willing to wear it myself,” says Alexandria Gonzalez, assistant manager at People’s Nation. “But I think a lot of people can pull it off with a crop top or a bandeau underneath to give it a soft grunge look.”

Overall shorts are also another easy option. They work with just about any top underneath. With shorts, balance out the amount of revealed skin by wearing a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt underneath. Overall shorts are also perfect to throw over a bikini when the weather gets nice enough.

So next Thursday, throw on some overalls for a throwback you won’t forget.

Photo by Sam Florio


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