How to Dress TV Teen Fashionable

pretty-little-liars-girlsFrom the ABC Family sensation, Pretty Little Liars to CW’s Carrie Diaries, fashion plays a huge role in many hit TV shows. Yet these shows tend to have big budgets, meaning expensive fashion choices. While it can be fun to get inspiration from your favorite TV shows, it can be discouraging to find Carrie’s favorite sweater for $200. But for all the fashionistas and TV lovers out there, don’t worry. There are always other choices. Here are some tips and tricks to finding similar clothes of your favorite TV show character.

Tip #1: The internet is your best friend

While clothing items in store tend to be expensive, online items, especially online sale items, tend to be very cheap and have a wider selection. This is because clothing companies are able to put anything that was on back stock for the last couple of years from all their stores on the internet. Constantly checking high end websites for sales is always easy to do. For those who are more impatient, sites like Amazon and Ebay allow for cheaper clothing from big name stores. Clothing brands like Topshop that are commonly featured on the Carrie Diaries can easily be found on Ebay or Amazon with a cheaper price tag.

Tip #2: is the Holy Grail

While I already mentioned online options, I thought this website was too great not to get its own section. is a fashion website where people are able to post a picture of a clothing item and others will comment where you can buy the item. This website is great because sometimes other members will post cheaper places to get a similar item. The best part is that even has their own TV show section where fans can ask where their favorite character got their clothes from.

Tip #3: Look for Secret Outlet Malls

While shopping at an outlet mall may seem obvious for those who want to save money, you should also research outlet stores for some of your favorite clothing companies. Expensive stores that are often featured on TV shows, such as American Apparel and Urban Outfitters, have major outlet stores. While they often don’t advertise these stores, simply googling these surplus stores can allow you to dress like TV star without paying like one.

Tip #4: Search for Boutiques going out of Business

The thing that sets the fashion of a TV show apart from everyday fashion is that it’s unique. Many of the outfits put together in Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl has its own flair that’s unique to the character wearing it. In order to get that same originality, shopping at a boutique can be an easy option. But because boutique shops are small and unique clothing they can be expensive. To combat this Alison Roby, freshman, suggests keeping an eye out for boutiques that are going out of business. She says that often times because of how short their turnover period is, unlike mass store corporations, boutiques will sell their clothing incredibly cheap to get rid of as much as they can. By doing this you can pick up a lot of unique clothing pieces that are similar to the style of, say, spontaneous Aria Montgomery of Pretty Little Liars.

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