Stained Glass Leggings

10021178_hiLeggings are your besties. They’re there for you no matter what occasion: a concert, class, the gym, hanging out with friends and whatever else you deem their stretchiness appropriate for. Sometimes, though, it’s time to step up your leggings game with something different: stained glass print.

If you want to go full-out stained glass and look like a walking homage to a Catholic church, these pants from Black Milk may be for you. Just be careful that nothing sacrilegious is going on when you slip into those skin-tight pants.

If you want to keep the stained glass look but scale back the angels and saints motif, try something like these Nollie leggings from PacSun or this cathedral-inspired pair from Hot Topic. Then it’s just like wearing another everyday pair of colorful leggings just with a much more interesting pattern.

And if you’re completely turned off by the busy, super-bright colors of the pattern, Alexander McQueen has you covered (if you don’t mind spending $300 and actually finding a pair). They’re classy, elegant and will pop with any bright colors or look classic with neutrals.

The best thing about these leggings (if you go for the awesomely colorful ones) is that the possibilities are endless as far as tops go. There are so many colors and patterns you can choose to highlight with your top that basically anything makes sense. Even mixing it up with lace or open-crochet tops works because it can mimic the pattern in the leggings.

The downside of these leggings? Be careful when you pick the pattern or scenery. If the pants have a lot of detail, like the Black Milk ones, if they stretch then it’s a lot more obvious (think about how your butt will look with a stretched-out angel’s face on it). Pay attention to the butt and crotch areas to see if there’s anything too attention-grabbing for your taste going on there.

Whether you think it’s just plain wrong to bring too much religion into fashion (remember when cross-printed clothing became super popular?) or another way to be inspired, rocking your style however you want is always in.

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