Not Every Moment is Worth the Snapchat

It’s no secret that Snapchat is the most-used form of social media. With it, users are able to send pictures of themselves back and forth with their friends, put text over these pictures to have a conversation or add pictures or videos to their stories to show their followers what they’re doing at any moment during the day.

What if you didn’t spend every waking moment of your life documenting the things you do on Snapchat? Well, VALLEY offers the idea of putting your phone down while at an event, or with others, to enjoy the moment.

Before Snapchat became popular, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were, and still are, the most-used forms of social media. Twitter has been the ideal platform to share feelings or opinions in an instant, as long as they were under 140 characters. Instagram has been best put to use for sharing pictures from events that people can like and comment on. Facebook has served as a combination of Twitter and Instagram, as users have the ability to post statuses and upload pictures for their friends to see. Snapchat, on the other hand, allows users’ followers to stay up to date with their lives by the second.

What is the purpose of overusing Snapchat, though? Is it to see how much fun others are having just because their stories look “lit”? Or is it to have some sort of face-to-face interaction with others without having to see them in person, or pick up the phone and FaceTime them? The use of texts over pictures and videos that are taken on Snapchat also serve as a substitute to texting in some cases. More often than not, Snapchat is primarily used to watch stories and communicate with friends without having to send texts back and forth.

What if you didn’t use Snapchat to its full advantage, though? What if you put down your phone while at a party, football game, or any other exciting, worthwhile event? Yes, it may be tempting to record every moment of every event to show friends how much fun you’re having, but the most important thing is to actually have fun, and not make everything look like a deceptive type of fun.

Not having to worry about putting everything on social media, especially Snapchat, should be a type of cleanse that everyone can partake in. There is no dire need to put everything on a story for hundreds of people to see because all that matters is that you enjoy the moment and have your own fun.