Musing with Manouska: Mixing and matching a striped obsession

My favorite patterned pieces of clothing are usually striped. And not just any plain ol’ stripes —  thick, horizontal stripes to be exact. And if we really want to get specific, my favorite color combination is a classic navy blue and white (no “We Are…” intended). Something I’ve been doing recently is mixing and matching different striped pieces together. Whether it’s a thick-width cardigan matched with a thinly striped tank top, I need to appease my striped obsession. Sometimes the mixing and matching is a hit or miss, but I like seeing what I can pull off — it’s a trial-and-error process, folks.

This particular look was a result of the sun shining and my need to brighten up my wardrobe after a long, hectic week. I live in an oversized world when it comes to clothes, so naturally, my oversized mens sweater and color-blocked H&M knitted scarf are no different.

Because I was wearing my glittered banded skirt from Forever 21, I wanted to keep everything else about this look very casual and fun. I chose an oversized sweater and accessorized with my playful DIY bracelets. Some people — those who only reserve sparkly, shimmery and sequinned things for the evening — may find it to be a bit much, but I’ve always appreciated the contrast between super casual pieces paired with something a little more flashy. Plus, a little sparkle in the daytime never hurt anyone, especially paired with my favorite stripes!

Photo by Yuting Zhang

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