THON 2014: What’s In Your Fannypack?

LizWThere are a ton of components that make up THON – canning, bake sales, organizations, committees and performers, oh my!

But there’s one thing that stands out from the rest. Dancers would suffer without them, students all across campus spend a majority of their time looking for the perfect one and yes, they’re usually bedazzled. That’s right – it’s the fannypack.

Every pack has the basic needs – student ID, cellphone, chapstick and cough drops, but every person on the floor packs something a little different to help them through the 46 hours. Valley took a look inside the fanny for some insight.


Dancer Kathleen Dimadtia went with a polka-dotted fannypack, filled with the basic needs as well as a Fruit Roll-Up and a little bit of “magic.”


Jamie Britzker stuck to the necessities with her pink pack, stocking up on Chapstick, gum, cough drops, and, of course, her phone.


Kaylee Berger went patriotic with her American flag sequined fanny, with some interesting things inside.

“A bunch of people handed out these plastic fish to random dancers before we started, and later everyone with matching fish are gonna meet up.”


Jordan Kruger decided to relay THON’s message with her fanny, showing off a pink “Go State, Beat Cancer” pack.


Moraler Caleb Gildey went with some power colors to keep it bright, and even included some Minion stickers with his stuff “just in case.”

Photos by Jose Ponte 


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