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kelly_wrappedinredYou’ve finally survived Thanksgiving, complete with its amazing dinner and awkward family interactions. Now you have something extraordinary to look forward to – Christmas time.

Even though the lights already illuminate College and Beaver Avenue and you may already have begun online shopping for your loved ones, it is now socially acceptable (as well as radio-timeline acceptable) to start indulging in Christmas music of all sorts. Nowadays, nearly every artist is coming out with a Christmas single or album, and there’s certainly a lot of incredible music to choose from to get you into the holiday spirit.

So, without further adieu, here are some of Valley‘s more eclectic and modern album choices for you to properly lose yourself in the cold weather and somehow warm-hearted feelings of the approaching holidays.

1. Michael Bublé Christmas (2011)

There is nothing smoother than Michael Bublé’s voice, and when combined with the jazzy feel of Christmas music, your soul will be literally set ablaze. His self-titled Christmas album has become an absolute rite of passage for this time of year. From original tunes such as “Cold December Night” to his take on classic carols like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, Bublé combines his big band sound with just the right around amount of jingle bells and mistletoe to keep you listening all month long. This album is perfect for anyone who wants some easy-listening or relaxing music, as his voice will comfortably wrap you up and tuck you into bed.

2. Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped in Red (2013)

It is fact that Kelly Clarkson is perfect. While everyone already knew this, her newly dropped Christmas album that debuted a month ago solidifies that statement. Her voice flows naturally and powerfully with Christmas classics such as “Blue Christmas” and a chilling cover of “Silent Night”, but what is even more extraordinary is her original music. “Wrapped in Red,” the first track of the album, will leave you absolutely in tears and “Underneath the Tree” is the typical, dance-around-in-Christmas-underwear-hanging-up-ornaments song, but still manages to shine as bright as the star on top of said tree. This album is perfect for fans of pop music or just people who enjoy the sound of an angel’s voice.

3. Glee – The Christmas Music Vol. 1 through 3 (2010-2012)

You may not be a Glee fan. I don’t blame you. Although it has irrationally talented and beautiful people, it does lack plot and has very shaky writing and continuity. However, it is undeniable that their three produced Christmas albums are absolutely breathtaking. Even if you’ve never seen an episode in your life or hate musical theatre, give some of these tracks a listen when they come across on your Pandora shuffle. From broadway goddess Lea Michele slaying “O Holy Night” to Chris Colfer and Darren Criss turning “White Christmas” into the cutest and most spirited duet ever, all three volumes have something for everyone from theatrical takes on songs to upbeat classics.

4. Taylor Swift – Holiday Collection EP (2008)

Taylor Swift nowadays is everywhere. She’s not only a country icon but also has immersed herself heavily in pop culture, leaving her latest music to have a more poppy feel than in the past. However, her past Christmas EP, which only contains six songs, will remind you of the Taylor Swift from “Teardrops of my Guitar” (sigh, the good old days). From her country feel incorporated into “Last Christmas” to the innocence expressed in “Santa Baby”, these tracks will have any fan of country music in the holiday spirit.

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