Mind Your Manners

b9363e57891002b172c7597e132ed1d6 Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone who displays the same manners to you as they would in front of their family. This holiday season let’s remind everyone to bring those same manners back to school. When you are around your family, you tend to be on your best behavior: no phones at dinner, no cursing, opening doors, saying please and thank you, etc. So, what makes being around your friends so different?

After break, let’s all try a little harder to bring those traits back to State College. First, let’s put the phones down for dinner. When your friends ask you to join them for dinner, they’re asking for you, not you and all your contacts to sit down and barely have a conversation in person. Heck, if they wanted that they could just eat alone and text you about it. I’m not saying to shut it off and not get it out until you’re finished, instead don’t refresh all your feeds and text everyone about all the stuff that can wait an hour.

Next, for all the potty mouths… you’re not the coolest person if you know directly where to enter s#!@ or f”$^ between every sentence. Instead, try to talk with a little more respect and use those words a little less often. After all, you wouldn’t curse like this in front of your grandma.

What about opening doors for people? When your family is coming over during the holiday seasons, I’m sure you hold the door open for your little cousins who can’t quite reach the handle or even for your aunt when she is bringing in her famous pumpkin pie. So, let’s bring that courteous gesture back. Try holding the door open for the people around you. If they’re coming into the same building you are will it really hurt you to hold it open for a couple more seconds to help out the person behind you.

Finally, one of my personal favorites, saying please and thank you; this is probably the easiest one. When you’re asking someone for something simply say please and when they give you whatever it was, answer your question or hold the door open for you, say thank you. It’s as easy as that!

So, take a note this holiday season on the manners you use at home in front of your loved ones. Then, bring them back to State College and make everyone a little happier for the next holiday season. Just remember, mind your manners all year round, no matter who you’re with!

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