Melatonin Gummies: Hit Or Miss?

Considering the busy life of a college student, sleeping can sometimes feel like a privilege. From classes to clubs and personal activities, it can be hard to balance your time and maintain a healthy lifestyle and sleep schedule.

Though it often gets pushed to the side, sleep is a vital part of your health. According to Healthline, when you sleep, your brain gets the opportunity to store information and conserve memories, while removing the buildup of unhealthy toxins from your central nervous system.

Areas of your brain associated with emotions are more active when you sleep, promoting more adaptive emotional responses. Other aspects of health such as metabolism function, the conservation of energy, and cellular restoration occur.

Essentially, your body over the course of sleep gets to work for your benefit, recharging you for the day ahead. Without full charge, you aren’t functioning at full capacity and that can become detrimental, and you’ll eventually experience burnout. 

Melatonin Gummies

One thing that seems to be a growing phenomenon amongst people is the use of melatonin gummies to have a more restful night and create a more regular sleep regime.

Melatonin gummies are composed of melatonin — a hormone naturally produced in your body that regulates your internal clock, something known as your circadian rhythm. It tells your body when it’s time to get up and when it’s time to go to bed, in line with the light and dark cycles of the day.

Some people experience trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour with their demanding schedules or have trouble getting in the restful state required to wind down before bed. Others experience mild sleep disorders that prevent them from being able to fall asleep naturally. Varying health factors can sometimes cause melatonin production to be off its game, so you need a boost to get it functioning on a more regulatory schedule. 

Finding The Right Product

When you have the green light from a professional, finding the right brand can be hard. When taking a supplement or pill, it’s always good to do some research so you know how your body will be impacted.

Something to note would be that melatonin gummies or pills can either be natural or synthetic. Natural is melatonin sourced from the pineal gland of animals and is often associated with issues. Synthetic melatonin is melatonin constructed by pharmacists in a lab.

According to WebMD, melatonin taken orally and short term is safe, and in some cases, long term can be ok. You have to remember that when you take melatonin, you are aiding your body in the production of a hormone that it normally produces on its own with no assistance, which can affect regular functioning.

Stars Ashley Graham, Rebel Wilson and Lana Condor have endorsed the brand OLLY for their sleep gummies. OLLY is a Public Benefit Corporation that produces vitamins, supplements, and other products to promote good health. You can purchase them online or shop for them at Target. There are many other brands that produce melatonin gummies and capsules that can be found in local stores or ordered online. 


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