Which social media are you?

If you’re like us at Valley, social media dominates your life all day every day—no matter what website or app you prefer. Find out which social media network you are with our quiz below!

Your favorite class is…

  1. English
  2. Don’t have one
  3. Math
  4. Art

When you go to a party you…

  1. Are very outgoing
  2. Stick to small talk
  3. Are looking for your next crush
  4. Are taking pictures with your friends

On Sunday mornings you’re most likely…

  1. Having breakfast with friends or family
  2. Blogging about what you did last night
  3. Still asleep
  4. Going through pictures from the weekend

You see someone cute in class so naturally you…

  1. Go up to them and introduce yourself
  2. Go up with an excuse in mind
  3. Suggest you do homework together
  4. Think about going up, but deciding against it

Your bedtime is…

  1. Around 12
  2. Depends, but I’m definitely a power napper
  3. What even is sleep
  4. 10 p.m. for the beauty sleep unless the FOMO kicks in

Your favorite TV show is…

  1. Grey’s Anatomy
  2. Whatever is trending
  3. You want me to just pick one?
  4. Gossip Girl

Your relationship with your phone can be described as…

  1. Pretty constant
  2. It is my sole form of communication
  3. I think it started to form to my palm
  4. My eyes barely leave the screen


Mostly 1’s: Facebook

You’re a social and outgoing person who frequently updates people on your life. You are good about balancing social media and real life experiences, but never hesitate to post a lot when it comes to family and friends.


Mostly 2’s: Twitter

You have a constant stream of thoughts that always need to come out. You enjoy blogging because you’re pretty go with the flow with ideas, however you like it best when you’re with people that think like you.


Mostly 3’s: Snapchat

Your phone is your life and so is your best friend list. You might be on social media more than is healthy, especially when you’re trying to go to sleep. You’re always looking for new people to talk to whether it be friendship or a romantic relationship.


Mostly 4’s: Instagram

Pictures are worth more than words to you (except if it’s a bomb caption of course). You love social media, but you also enjoy doing new things (as long as  everyone you hang out with will like doing them with you). You HATE missing out on anything.