#MCM: Scott Eastwood

If you ever wondered whether angels are real or not, this week’s #MCM is proof of their existence.

Actor Scott Eastwood is the star of the latest romantic hit The Longest Ride, a film adapted from Nicholas Sparks’s novel. In it Eastwood plays Luke Collins, a once champion bull rider who seeks to make his big comeback. However, complications (including falling in love!) get in his way.

Some other movies you can catch Eastwood in are Fury and Gran Torino.

In addition to being an actor, Eastwood is a model. If you didn’t know this, one look at that irresistible smile and baby blues would give it away. Although he’s been modeling since college, Eastwood’s most famous shoot was his 2013 nautical-themed spread for Town & Country. In it, the handsome 29 year old (27 at the time), captured America’s attention and heart.

But, perhaps what is most prominent about Eastwood is his last name.

Scott Eastwood is the son to legendary actor/director/producer Clint Eastwood. In an interview with People Magazine, Eastwood explained how being the son of a Hollywood god did not come with being spoiled, as so many people would assume.

“”My first car was a ’91 Ford Crown Victoria that was $1,000. And I had to buy every car after that. I had to do it all,” Eastwood says.

He went on to say that his father also highly encouraged a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body and a healthy mind were two things the young star’s father wanted for him.

Is Eastwood the next major Hollywood heartthrob? The next Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling? He certainly has the potential, and jawline, for it. His performance in The Longest Ride (in theaters now!) could be his breakout role, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.



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