MCM: American Horror Story Edition

When it comes to man crushes, Evan Peters always takes the cake in our book. But he’s not the only stud on FX’s “American Horror Story”. Here’s Valley’s definitive list of AHS man crushes.



7. Zachary Quinto

If you can get past the fact that he plays psycho killer “Bloody Face” on AHS: Coven, Zachary Quinto is actually majorly hot. Seriously, look at that scruff.



6. Dylan McDermott

Blue eyes, sweet smile, what’s not to love? Not to mention he’s a huge supporter of a charity to end violence against women.



5. Joseph Fiennes

He’s technically off-limits in AHS world since he plays a priest, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ogle him in real life.



4. Riley Schmidt

You never actually see his face since he plays Rubber Man on AHS: Murder House, and it’s a damn shame. Was the full bodysuit really necessary, AHS producers?

 alexander dreymon

3. Alexander Dreymon

Not only is he one of the only characters you never hate on AHS, he also plays the charming boy next door. Who doesn’t love a shy boy?


neil patrick harris

2. Neil Patrick Harris

This list wouldn’t be complete without NPH. We’ve been head over heels for him since How I Met Your Mother, and we couldn’t be happier he’s made his debut on AHS: Freak Show.


evan peters

1. Evan Peters

We saved the best for last. Evan Peters has had a major role in every AHS season so far, and we can only hope this tradition lives on. He continues to steal our heart season after season. ~Tate and Violet forever~


Did we miss someone who you think is an AHS stud? Let us know in the comments!


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