How to Stay Toasty with Winter Accessories

SamFlorio.SnowAccessories (1)One positive aspect of the arctic-like temperatures that State Colleges promises to bring post Thanksgiving break, is the need for cute winter accessories. This season, it’s all about volume and statement pieces, which is exemplified in the winter accessories. Luckily, downtown State College has you covered.

Beanie hats are all the rage right now. Last year, beanies were worn atop of every European’s perfectly primped hair. The trend has now hit the United States and consumers are eating it up.

There are many different styles of beanies. Urban Outfitters offers and array of slouchy knit hats in variety of different colors and patterns for only $19. Slouchy beanies are worn to cover your forehead and ears, but some of the volume of the fabric hangs behind your head. 

If you are looking to splurge for the holiday season, stop by Mr. Charles to try on the sheared rabbit beanies. They run at $68, which is quite reasonable for real fur. The beanies come in natural browns, blacks and whites, while also available in funky dyed colors like blue and grey. These beanies fit snugly on your head and are sure to keep you warm and make fashionable statement.

Other winter accessories flooding store shelves everywhere are head wraps or ear warmers. Inspired by the bohemian style, ear warmers offer an extremely stylish and functional option to keep your forehead and ears toasty during the winter months. They can also serve as a statement piece in your outfit.

Access displayed an entire table of different head wraps in both twisted and circle styles. Every girl can find an ear warmer for herself at Access, as they came in every color and even some glitter styles. Furthermore, all of these pieces run at an easily attainable $19.

Urban Outfitters is also selling knit ear warmers. One is twisted in the front and embellished with a stunning broach for $29. If you’re looking for a less dressy option, try on Urban’s front-knotted knit ear warmer for only $19.

Mr. Charles also offers sheared rabbit ear warmers. Though $68, they are worth the money because they keep you extremely warm. Also, wearing fur adds luxury to your everyday outfit.

Hats and head wraps are definitely the go-to fashion piece to keep you warm through the winter months. Luckily for our ever-shrinking holiday season bank accounts, these winter accessories are inexpensive. A hidden advantage of beanies and ear warmers is that they completely conceal a bad hair day. Pull and all-nighter or simply just don’t fell like controlling the frizz? Pull on a hat to hide the locks while still looking fabulous.


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