Kamala Making History in Style

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Kamala Harris is not just the first women VP in office, she was a qualified U.S Senator. She is, and will continue to be, a major influence on American culture. Through her past work, she has inspired so many and will continue to do so in the White House. 

Everyone knows how major it is that Harris is the first women VP, she is a trailblazer all in her own. When she was sworn in as a Senator in California, she was only the second African-American woman and first South Asian-American senator in history. She has spent her life fighting injustice. 

Since taking office, she has introduced multiple policies that reflect her mission. She has introduced legislation to raise wages for working people, reform our broken criminal justice system, make healthcare a right for all Americans, address the epidemic of substance abuse, support veterans and military families, and expand access to childcare for working parents, according to Harrison’s official website

Throughout her time as a politician and activist, she has made her message very clear through her work and wardrobe. 

She took a bold stance to celebrate pride. 

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Even though the vice presidential debate was more about her famous “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking,” she showed her dominance as a speaker and candidate for VP.

One of her best looks has been accepting the victory of this 2020 Presidential Election.

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It will be important and exciting to see Kamala’s journey in the White House!


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