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Photo by Oscar Chen

Penn State University is known for many things: football, school spirit, great academics and, of course, its ice cream. People from all over the world travel to State College to sample PSU’s famous Berkey Creamery sweets.

With lines constantly out the door, the Creamery does business. Penn State freshman and RPTM major, Lisa Enger started working there this past semester. She said she wanted the job because “it’s a great way to earn extra money, it’s super close to East Halls and I get free ice cream while I’m working – that’s a huge perk!”

Coincidentally, her sister, Mary, worked at the Creamery when she was a freshman.

“She met her boyfriend in the ice cream freezer,” said Enger, with a laugh.

So this job could be a great way to find love too!

When VALLEY asked about her favorite part of the job, Enger said she liked scooping the ice cream. The most popular flavor, Enger claims, is “definitely Death by Chocolate! We always have it in stock since it’s the most consistently asked-for flavor. It’s my favorite too. Alumni Swirl is another fan favorite.” She said Butter Pecan was ordered mostly by older generations (think parents and grandparents).

Photo by Oscar Chen

Enger’s other responsibilities include making milkshakes, handling the cash register and getting the large containers of ice cream from the freezer in the back room. By the way, those containers hold 3 gallons of ice cream!

Enger, who works on Tuesdays and Sundays, thinks Sunday afternoons are the busiest.

“The customers are mostly families and tourists with foreign accents. There aren’t nearly as many students buying ice cream. They typically just get coffee or chocolate milk.”

Maybe it’s because all the first-year students are trying to avoid the “freshman 15”?

Photo by Oscar Chen

Enger revealed a secret to VALLEY about the Creamery. As most people know, Penn State is strict about the “no mixing flavors” policy (only broken for Bill Clinton). However, Enger confided that the Creamery employees mixed flavors in their own milkshakes. “I’m not saying I have seen it happen before,” she said, “but I’ve heard a lot of them do it during their work breaks.”

So, if you’ve been dreaming about what Cookies and Cream mixed with Bittersweet Mint tastes like, get a job at the Creamery to find out!

“It’s actually pretty fun and they are very flexible with schedules. When I was rushing I was able to easily get someone to cover my shifts. It’s 9 dollars an hour and you get to meet a lot of great people.”

VALLEY is sure reading this made you crave the delicious taste of your favorite ice cream flavor, so head on over to the Creamery yourself and tweet us a picture of your sweet treat @VALLEYMAG!


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