Howdy, Boys!

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In many of the well beloved, critically acclaimed rom-coms, the male romancer, who often manages to sweep the lead girl up off her feet, does so through the tilt of a cowboy hat and an undeniably shiny buckle belt. 

So, it was destined for the buckaroo to make its way into reality, through the outlet of style. Saddle up boys, the 2024 fall/winter men’s fashion data seems to be lassoing a fresh new look, which is herding a side of yeehaw. 

Where It All Started

In 2023, denim produced the greatest impact among what men were being influenced to wear, so it makes sense to place the cowboy look on a pedestal, taking denim to the next level. 

In order to give you an idea as to where cowboy arose from, VALLEY took a look back at the roaring film and television entertainment in 2023, which paved the way for an undeniable entrance to this booming trend. 

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John Dutton in “Yellowstone”

Beginning with television, “Yellowstone” had been a popular show among Generation X and Millennials, but during 2023 the trickle down effect led “Yellowstone” to becoming a fan favorite among Generation Z as well.

With the basis of the show surrounding the Dutton Family effortlessly working to maintain ownership of their family ranch, the show’s entire essence would be empty without the presence of cowboys. 

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Ken in “Barbie”

In the film industry, “Barbie” was tightly holding the reins of a great percentage of women throughout the world. According to Time Magazine, “Barbie” was a movie “created by women almost exclusively for women…”

Yet, it seems the film provided inspiration for what is now pleasing to the fashion industry for men’s wear. Rightfully so, as Ken’s cowboy outfit, when first touched down in California, is an unforgettable look full of frills and embroidery. 

Cowboy is the New Luxury?

We can not forget to highlight Louis Vuitton’s fall/winter 2024 Men’s fashion show, hosted in Paris, which further confirmed the predicted fashion trend. With the design inspiration being led by Pharell Williams, the core of the creations “[explore] the essence of the American Western wardrobe, fusing travel, workwear origins, and the brand’s exceptional savoir-faire,” as stated by DSCENE Magazine. 

“Lace shirts were embroidered with lasso-throwing cowboys and denim jackets with yellow desert flowers. Chaps in leather or denim—possibly a first for the house—were embroidered in saddlery patterns or fringed and flowered.”

Vogue Runway on the Fall/Winter 2024 Men’s Louis Vuitton fashion show

Whether it be on our screen or the runway itself, cowboy is not a romanticized theme anymore. It is being brought to life or revived for that matter, as western once was a dominating approach to clothing just centuries ago. 

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Louis Vuitton 2024 Men’s Fall/Winter show

Amidst the commanding forces that are hauling cowboy, through the world of fashion, the choice to embrace it seems non-negotiable.

Clearly, the final choice is yours as to whether or not you gallop onto the trend, but VALLEY believes welcoming cowboy with an invested desire is the opportunity to yeehaw our way back to America’s western roots. 

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