How to Tailor Your Resume

A resume is essential for a majority of college students. They’re the most convenient platform for people to present their skills and experience for potential internships and jobs. However, resumes can vary among majors and career interests, as different paths may require different things. Despite some differences, all resumes should portray the best things that a person can put forward so that they come off as the best candidate for the experience they’re set out for. 

Every resume, no matter the major or career path, should include a person’s name and contact information. Contact information could be optional, but if a recruiter or employer wants to contact someone for an opportunity, it would be best for them to have a phone number or email to use. Along with those, most resumes often have objectives or an introductory statement, which explains what the person wants in regard to an internship or career. For example, an objective could include what type of experience a person wants for a specific timeframe, i.e. for the summer. On the other hand, an introductory statement could explain how a person is qualified for a specific experience based on things done in the past. Basically, the beginning portion of a resume should introduce a person’s desire to obtain an internship or job and how they are the best candidate for it.

Following some preliminary information, a resume can be tailored in various ways. Some people may choose to list their past experiences, ranging from internships or jobs, to show recruiters or employers how qualified they are in their specific field. However, some people may choose to list off leadership experiences, ranging from those held during their collegiate years, or even outside of a university level. Some resumes may even take a creative path, showing recruiters or employers how a person can stand out in an artistic or aesthetic way, especially depending on what the person is trying to obtain. Ultimately, deciding what route to take in designing a resume, it’s important to keep in mind what the desired outcome is. 

Overall, resumes should exhibit the best qualities that one has in regard to their personal and professional skills. They also show how much experience a person has had, whether during their collegiate career, or post-grad, that would make them the most qualified person for an internship or job. Basically, a resume is a representation of a person on a single sheet of paper, and should shine them in the best light possible. 


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