Ethereal Boutique: How A Young Entrepreneur is Making Her Mark on State College

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As the seasons slowly begin to change, now is the time to start pulling together all of the pieces you’ll be wearing this fall. With limited shopping options sometimes around Happy Valley, any new store is always worth checking out. Luckily, there is a brand new addition to the downtown shopping scene to help you spice up your cold-weather wardrobe. 

This past week, Ethereal Boutique celebrated their grand opening in downtown State College. Located on East College Avenue next to The Tavern, this new store is sure to spice up the downtown shopping scene. The store caters toward young women, focusing on clothing, jewelry and other accessories. 

Posted by @ethereal_statecollege on Instagram

Behind the new shopping destination is 24-year-old Miranda Sheetz, a central Pennsylvania native herself. After studying business in college with a focus in marketing and sales, she landed a job at a Fortune 500 company. Once she experienced the corporate world, she quickly discovered that she was not in the right place. 

She made a list of things that she was most passionate about: talking to people, helping people, and clothing. She knew that opening a store like Ethereal would be her next step in life because she’d be able to combine everything she was most interested in.

“I felt like I wasn’t being true to who I was,” says Sheetz. “I wanted to do something where I was true to myself.”

In addition to selling trendy and up-to-date fashion, Ethereal also offers a variety of home accents such as crystals, tea and candles. Sheetz prides herself on selling products that all have their own unique purpose.

“I love meditation, crystals and new age spiritual things.” Sheetz says. “All of the products here are intention-based.”

Though starting her own business at a young age has been rewarding, Sheetz is very open about the challenges she has faced so far along this new journey. Creating a successful business isn’t always easy, but something that has always been important to Sheetz is staying positive throughout the process. 

“People are so quick to give their opinion” she says. “I had to learn to stick with what I wanted to do and build my confidence. Patience with myself was my biggest lesson.”

Growing up about 45 minutes from Penn State’s campus, Sheetz was drawn to the downtown State College area instantly when looking to open her business. She knew she wanted to stay local to be close to her family, and felt that the progressive nature of State College would be the perfect fit for her. Just two years out of school herself, she is still able to connect with much of the town’s population and market products that will be well-received by Penn State students.

“I want to have a positive aspect on the community, and I’ve already received a lot of local support so far.” she says.

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Ethereal Boutique is not only a place to find the latest fashions, but also a very tranquil and comfortable place where anyone who wants to can come in and relax for a second. The store offers complimentary herbal tea no matter the day, and a very zen environment for anyone who may be looking to catch a break from everyday stress. 

At the end of the day, Ethereal is more than just a store to Sheetz. Her main goal is to create a positive impact on the State College community and foster a unique shopping environment for any customer.

“My biggest hope is that I can impact someone in a positive light way. I want people to come in here and know that they can be confident and have that kind of light in the world. I want this to be a comfortable space where people can come hang out. It was designed for anyone to be able to come and get some positive energy,” Sheetz says. 



Though Miranda Sheetz is not much older than current Penn State students, she’s already gained a wealth of knowledge on how to start and manage a business, and she’s particularly supportive of students who may have dreams and goals similar to hers.

“My biggest advice for those looking to become entrepreneurs is to not be afraid. Even if you feel like it’s not going to happen, there’s always a way. Always do what you want to do.”


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