How to Prepare for the Jonas Brothers at the BJC

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If you haven’t heard, the Jonas Brothers are BACK! After they infamously made a surprise performance at Champs downtown last spring, the Jonas Brothers are headed back to State College as a part of their Happiness Begins tour. And this time, they’ll be singing at the Bryce Jordan Center on September 4, so you don’t need to be 21 to attend and sing your heart out.

If you were lucky enough to score tickets to the concert, you need to prepare beforehand to ensure you have the best night singing along and dancing to all of your favorite JB songs.

Listen to their music — and take a JB quiz

Ok, this may sound obvious, but a concert is 10 times more fun when you know all of the lyrics to the songs! The new album “Happiness Begins” is AMAZING, and you’ll want to give it a listen if you haven’t already. It is also a good idea to listen to some of their older hits as well, because you know they are definitely going to sing “Burnin’ Up.” After the Jonas Brothers begin this tour on August 7, you can also try to look up the setlist to know exactly what songs they will be playing! Why not also test your Jonas Brothers knowledge with a fun quiz?

Consider Your Outfit

So many options. If you have been a fan since the beginning, why not wear one of your old “vintage” t-shirts! You can even cut it to make it look new and styled since you probably haven’t worn it in years. Another iconic outfit idea: high heels and a red dress.

Take Pictures

 If you went to a Jonas Brothers concert way back in 2008, this is the perfect opportunity to recreate a picture! Find that (probably somewhat rough looking) picture you took at that first concert and recreate it now with your friends. Whether it’s your first JB concert or fifth, remember to bring a portable charger with you, because there’s no doubt your phone will be filled with photos and videos you took all night.

Rules of the BJC

Make sure you know where you’re sitting, what time to get there and which entrance to go through before the concert. If this is your first time in the BJC, get familiar with the policies beforehand as well. For example, small purses and fanny packs are fine, but large bags and backpacks are not permitted inside.  There’s definitely going to be a line, so make sure you’re on time and ready to go.

Have Fun

This goes without saying for any concert, but it’s important to remember. Don’t be stressed out if your outfit isn’t 100% perfect and try not to spend TOO much time on your phone. The most important thing is to have fun with your friends!

The Jonas Brothers are going to be performing at Penn State —  most people don’t get this chance at their college, so take in all there is to experience! No matter if you are high up in the stands or in front of the stage, as long as you’re singing with your friends and feeling “so cool,” you’ll have the time of your life!


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