How to Maintain the Young Spirit of Halloween

As everyone gets older, they tend to lose the joy and spirit that come with Halloween. No one wants to go trick-or-treating, let alone dress up in costume. Some people even neglect to decorate, despite the fact that hanging banners up or putting out a small bowl of candy corn in a dorm room or an apartment makes you feel at home while spending the holiday away. VALLEY has some simple ways to help you maintain the young spirit of Halloween, just to contribute to the already existing spookiness of college.

Dress Up

This one almost seems inevitable for college students because who doesn’t love a good costume party? Halloweekend is definitely one of the most anticipated weekends of the first semester because it’s the time for everyone to show how elaborate of a costume they can put together from old clothes, uniforms, or an inexpensive t-shirt that was bought downtown. To make it fun, dress up as your favorite character from your favorite TV show, find a group costume that all your friends can put together, or be creative and make something up.


Living in a dorm room, an apartment, or any other place that isn’t considered “home” is hard during certain holidays. You may tend to forget a holiday is even coming up because there isn’t any built-up hype from decorating the inside and outside of your house with your family. To make things fun, or make your dorm room or apartment feel like a real home, get Halloween decorations with your roommate or roommates and hang things up. Buy “Happy Halloween” banners, carve small pumpkins, hang up purple and orange lights, and put up signs that say “boo” or “beware,” to give a small living space a larger home-like feel.

Put Out Candy

Trick-or-treating is something that may be difficult to do on a college campus or through a college town, but that doesn’t mean that candy should be out of the question! Buy a small bowl or platter, along with a huge bag of fun-size candy or candy corn, to put out in your dorm room or in the living room of your apartment. When your friends or other visitors come over, they’ll love you forever because you’ll have given them free candy. And who doesn’t love free candy in college?!

Just because you’re older and in college, it shouldn’t hold you back from celebrating Halloween to its fullest extent. Do everything you did when you were younger around this time of year, but make it an even better, college-version of your youth.