How to Dress Festive for Halloween Without an Actual Costume

Williams_HowToBeFestiveForHalloween01By now, most of you already have your Halloween looks planned and perfected. But for those who either don’t have the time, or simply don’t want to spend a ton of money on a costume you’ll wear once, we’re here to help. Valley presents to you the idea of a non-costume costume – simple ways to look festive without wasting time and money. Here’s seven ways you can try this out, too.

All Hallows’ Manicure

Since you’re not dressing up in costume, it’s only right that you dress up your nails. How about rocking a really crazy nail color, or better yet, a Halloween manicure? For a trendy take on the traditional black and orange combo, paint all of your fingers a glittery black and your ring finger a creamy peach. Nothing says Halloween quite like candy corn; so search sites like Pinterest to learn how to create this festive tricolor manicure at home.

Colored Locks

Ever wondered what you’d look like with a strand of bright blue hair or pink tips á la Lauren Conrad? Halloween is the perfect time to test the waters without any regret. Try temporary hair color spray, hair chalk, or colored clip-in extensions for this subtle, yet daring, look. 

Spice-up your makeup

One of the best parts of Halloween is the makeup. If you don’t normally rock a cat or smoky eye- now’s the time. There are a million online tutorials for you to follow in order to give yourself a standout look for the night. With the right statement makeup, you don’t need a full getup. Makeup can transform you from anything like Catwoman to a sugar skull.

Bats and Cats Collection

Forever 21 has your one stop shop called the Bats and Cats Collection for anything you need come the 31st. They have shirts, sweaters, leggings and even hats, in a variety of bat and cat prints. Look no further than a batman t-shirt paired with some leather pants this Halloween.

Stud ear beanie

Given the unpredictable State College weather, temperatures could drop drastically come Halloween night. Valley’s solution to staying warm and festive? Stud ear beanies. This alternative take on the classic beanie will have you looking like a cute kitty in no time. Completing your look is as easy as wearing all black.

Spooky Street-wear

Bring just the right amount of festivity to a jeans-and-tee combo. Check out Urban Outfitters for some super-cute vintage Halloween Sweatshirts and Jack-O-Lantern crop tops. You may even find just the right accessories you need while browsing the store downtown.

All Skull Everything

Hoping to stay comfortable, yet costumey and cute? With this no-fuss Halloween non-costume, there’s no need to fret about take off makeup or polish. Skulls have grown to be a widely popular trend in stores recently, so it shouldn’t be hard to find them in a variety of scarves, leggings, shirts or accessories. All you need to do is add a leather jacket and your favorite booties.

Photo by Shantelle Williams 


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