How to Change Your Boyfriend’s Style Without Him Knowing

IMG_6030-2We all love our boyfriends for a bunch of different reasons but we all want them to break free from the gym clothes wardrobe and bed head stages. However, we don’t want them to see us as crazy controlling girlfriends (even though we totally are) so here are some techniques to steer your boyfriend in the right direction with him feeling like you’re telling him what to do.

1. “Like” him on social media

Social media is a big way to communicate to your boyfriend the certain ways you prefer him to dress. When he posts good Instagram photos, make sure to like it and comment something like, “Wow you look hot in that shirt!” On Facebook if he ever asks you what he should make his profile picture, this is your chance to show him what he looks best in. Tell him to default the picture where he’s wearing the nice button down, because he looks ‘so cute in it!’ Your boyfriend will realize a pattern of what you like and the next time he is getting ready to go out he’ll think about that time when you said he looks really hot in that one shirt.

2. Suggest haircuts

Boys get haircuts a lot more often than girls and occasionally ask their girlfriends what they should do to it. Instead of flat out telling him he has horrible hair and telling him how to fix it, lightly suggest some styles. Next time you are watching a movie or a professional sport game and you see a celebrity or athlete with a hairstyle you think he would look good in, say something like, “You know, I think that hairstyle Brad Pitt has would look so sexy on you.”

Right now he’s not even thinking that you are trying to change his look. He’s just thinking about how you called him sexy and compared him to Brad Pitt.

3. Use holidays to your advantage

Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra cash this year for your boyfriend’s holiday or birthday gifts, because what you buy him can definitely benefit you as well. Buy him your favorite type of cologne and tell him to wear it when you’re together. Buy him new button downs or other types of nice shirts you’d like to see him in and tell him the next time you go out, to wear it. Your boyfriend will trust your style and your opinion when you buy him something, but if not, make sure to flatter him with words like sexy, hot, handsome or cute. Your boyfriend wants to look good for you; he just doesn’t want you to change him.

“This past Christmas I bought my boyfriend like five shirts to go out in so he would stop wearing t-shirts,” says sophomore Catherine Roerdan.

Boys don’t have to dress or look nice everyday because girls walk around in running shorts and tank tops like it’s their job. But, if you want your boyfriend to dress up a little when going out at night, or to dinner, or anything else, these are three ways to help make that happen. Trust me, I would know.

But remember: we love our boyfriends for who they are, not what they wear…well, occasionally for what they wear. Because oh man, do they look good in those button downs.

Photo by Natalie Runnerstrom


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