How to Avoid Getting Caught in a Summer Slump

Now that we’ve finally gotten a chance to catch up on the countless hours of sleep we were deprived of for two semesters, it’s time to turn off Netflix, put down the leftovers from last nights dinner and get out of bed.

We don’t know about you, but going from long days of nonstop classes, meetings, social events and work during the school year to long summer days with the occasional shift at work is not an easy adjustment at all. It’s never easy to quickly adapt to a drastic lifestyle change and as fun and relaxing as summer can be, it’s easy to fall into a “summer slump” when going from one extreme to another.

However, it’s important to utilize these three months by being productive and active. Here’s an added bonus: staying active this summer will even ease the transition back into this upcoming fall semester, which will minimize the “getting hit with a truck” feeling as you’re bombarded with work after syllabus week.

These are some ways to stay productive, active and motivated this summer while still being able to enjoy it to its fullest.

Jump-start your day

As tempting as it is to wake up at noon each day, try not to.  Go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. As much as we’d love to chuck our phone across my room every morning when the alarm goes off during the school year, it’s actually nice being forced to wake up at the same time every morning during the summer. Having your alarm set to a comfortable time to wake-up every morning like 9 a.m. will keep you from sleeping through your day. Your body will get used to it and waking up at a consistent time everyday will become easier and more comfortable.

Utilize your mornings

After waking up at a decent time, eat breakfast and get out of the house! If there’s anything you want to get done that day, do it in the morning – the earlier, the better. Whether you planned to go to the gym or run some errands, get those things done in the morning so that you can enjoy the rest of your summer day soaking up the sun or watching reruns of “Friends”. This way, you’ll avoid putting off the things that you need to do, and still leave time for yourself.

Cook your meals

Let’s be honest, cooking our own meals during the school year certainly isn’t a necessity or a convenience. Save money on eating out by taking advantage of having the time and resources to cook yourself your own meals. Experiment with some of those recipes you’ve been saving to your Pinterest board. Each meal will be more rewarding, enjoyable, and it’ll keep you on your feet!


At this point we’ve all likely worn out the best restaurants and hang-out places in our hometowns. It’s time to get out there and discover new go-to places for you and your friends. Explore towns in surrounding areas, take a day trip to a city or the beach, or just go for a drive and see where you end up! You’d be surprised at the number of hidden treasures you can find in your area that you never knew were there.

Try something new

When you’re doing the same thing everyday, it’s easy to get into a slump. So, mix things up! If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, like a kickboxing class or a painting class, summer is the best time to try it.

Stay organized

We know this probably sounds silly considering most of us have much less going on during the summer than during the school year, but it’s still just as important. Set goals for yourself, make lists, check your emails regularly and start getting ready for the fall semester whether you’re applying for fall internships or buying furniture for your new apartment, there’s always something you could be doing.

So get out of the house and use the rest of the summer to your advantage. Because soon enough, we’ll be back for another crazy year at State.

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