How Not To Annoy R&R THON Weekend

If you’ve been to THON before, you’ve definitely seen Rules & Regulations committee members in red shirts trying to keep everyone in line. You might see them as the bad guys, but they’re really just trying to keep everyone safe. To help them out, here’s a list of things that you should avoid doing THON weekend.

Sitting in the aisles and standing on chairs

These are huge safety hazards and if the BJC staff feels that THON is not being safe, they can decide to stop holding it.

Trying to get into a closed portal

Once there are no more seats in a portal, it’s closed and no one can enter. When you leave a portal, you must check out with an R&R committee member. If you don’t sign out, don’t expect to get back in.

Overcrowding rows

The BJC seating policy is one person to each seat, even if you’re not sitting. This applies THON weekend as well.

Sitting in the bathrooms

If you’re too tired to stand, go home. Rules & Regulations will ask you to leave the bathroom if they see you sitting.

Sitting in the upper bowl

Basically, there is no sitting during THON. Ever.

Charging your phone 

Dancers are the only ones allowed to charge their phone using a BJC outlet THON weekend. If you’re not dancing, make sure you bring a portable phone charger.

Saving seats

There is no saving seats THON weekend. If you plan to show up by yourself and put sweatshirts on five seats, come up with a new plan.

Arguing/disrespecting R&R

It’s important to remember that they’re just doing their job and trying to keep you safe. Arguing with them won’t help you; it will only cause you more problems. So respect R&R, stay standing, and remember that this event is For The Kids!