Here’s What Happened When I Tried the “Military Diet”

Photo by Doris Xiao

If you haven’t heard, the Military Diet is this [surprisingly easy] 3 day diet that claims to help you lose 10 pounds in one week. It entails a set list of foods including coffee, peanut butter, tuna fish and even… vanilla ice cream. Sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? Valley thought so, too.

Hoping to discover the truth (and lose 10 pounds), I decided to put this diet to the test. And it turns out, it’s a pretty great plan. Note: I purposely did not change my normal exercise routine this week, because I wanted to see the effects of just the diet. So here’s what happened when I tried the Military Diet….

Day 1:

I weighed myself as soon as I woke up. I won’t tell you my weight, but trust me as I go along with what I lost (I kept precise track).

For breakfast, I was able to have one piece of toast (I used whole grain bread), two tablespoons of peanut butter, half of a grapefruit and a cup of caffeinated coffee (it’s supposed to be black, but I used a little Almond Milk, and a spoonful of Sugar in The Raw). It was actually really filling, and yummy!

For lunch, I had another piece of toast, another cup of caffeinated coffee and a half cup of plain tuna. Again, pretty filling. Not something I would normally eat for lunch, but nonetheless, it was good!

For dinner, I had three ounces of grilled chicken (though you can pick any meat), one cup of green beans (I used frozen ones), one small apple, a half of a banana and one cup of vanilla ice cream. I was actually so full, I almost didn’t finish the ice cream! (One cup is actually a lot more than you would think).

Day 2:

I weighed myself again this morning. Guess what? I was two pounds lighter than I was yesterday! Water weight? Maybe, but who cares! Two pounds is two pounds! So I carried on…

For breakfast today, I had one fried egg, which I ate atop my one slice of toast, along with half of a banana. Pretty good breakfast!

Today’s lunch was rather small, and left me feeling a teeny bit hungry. But, not bad. I had one slice of cheddar cheese, five saltine crackers and one hard-boiled egg.

Tonight’s dinner is what I call the “fun” dinner, because it consists of two hotdogs, a half of a cup of carrots, one cup of broccoli, one half of a banana and a half of a cup of vanilla ice cream! And yes, it was fun.

Day 3:

This is already the last day of the diet (wow, that went fast), so I weighed myself again. Shockingly, I had lost another two pounds! Since day one, I’d lost a total of four pounds.

For breakfast today, I had one slice of cheddar cheese, one small apple and five saltine crackers. Which, for breakfast, wasn’t too bad.

For lunch, I had a piece of toast and one fried egg. Again, not too bad.

And for my last diet dinner, I had one cup of tuna, a half of a banana and one cup of vanilla ice cream.

The next day, I weighed myself and I couldn’t believe it, but I had lost SIX POUNDS since day one! I felt less bloated, and so much healthier. After doing this diet, I’ve decided that I actually really like it, so I’m continuing to do it until I get down to my goal weight.

I’ve been on and off of it for about a week now, and I’m still seven pounds lighter than I was when I started. And honestly, it sounds like a “starvation diet,” but unless you like to eat a lot, it’s really not. Take it from a person who has, time and time again, felt miserable while dieting… this one is worth the time.

*Valley recommends consulting your doctor before changing your diet or exercise routine