Good Morning Millennials!

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Podcasts have changed the dynamic of the morning commute. You no longer need to tune into local radio stations muffled with static or find a playlist to match your delirious morning self. Podcasts allow you to become a bystander in a conversation or heated discussion without actually engaging or contributing to it.

This outpouring of popularity is no surprise, and according to Edison Research the figure of those who listen to podcasts is up 11 percent since last year, with 67 million people listening to podcasts monthly. The reason this number is increasing each day is due to the wide variety of podcasts available. Just like music, there are genres of podcasts that reach all audiences, falling under storytelling, technology, self-improvement, and even spirituality.

A podcast that has taken both gossip and comedy genre by storm is “The Morning Toast.” Created by Claudia Oshry, more commonly known on Instagram as @girlwithnojob, and her sister Jackie Oshry, this podcast gives listeners what they call their “five fast facts they need to know before getting out of bed and taking a bite out of their morning toast.”

Each weekday at 10:30 a.m., these sisters hilariously tackle five stories in the news that day, ranging from drama transpiring on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” to political headlines. Each podcast begins with both Claudia and Jackie greeting their audience by saying, “good morning millennials!” The show targets their young adult audience with its constant discussion of pop culture, social media and arising technology.

The girls often host interviews at the end of each podcast, with notable guests including Rachel Lindsey, the lead of season 13 of “The Bachelorette,” Vinny from “Jersey Shore” and actress Heather McMahan.

Claudia and Jackie aren’t the only family members that can be heard on “The Morning Toast.” With Claudia embarking on her Dirty Jeans Tour, where she performs stand-up comedy throughout the country, the show often has co-hosts which include their other two sisters, Margo and Olivia, and a crowd favorite, Claudia’s husband Ben Soffer.

Ben, who shares a similar type of humor to Claudia, has his own Instagram account where he is known as Boy With No Job. What these two mean by “no job” is that they have found a way to make a living using social media, specifically on Instagram where they post comedic and relatable quotes and pictures throughout the day. Claudia’s success on social media has helped her reach 2.9 million followers and jumpstart her career as a stand-up comedian.

What draws listeners in and keeps the show’s fanbase growing is the feeling that you really know these sisters and understand the dynamic of their close-knit, witty family. In fact, the two girls hosted their first “Camp Toast” early this September, which was a weekend trip in efforts for their followers, which they refer to as “Toasters,” and the Oshry girls to all finally meet. The weekend was hosted at Camp Towanda in Honesdale, Pa., where the girls attended camp as children.

So, are you ready to be informed with all of the premium content you’ve been missing out on? Tune into “The Morning Toast,” which can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube and Facebook!


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