Give A Boost To Your Creativity

Stimulating your brain to constantly produce creative thoughts can become a difficult task when you see the pile of upcoming assignments in front of you. College fills your schedule with tons of homework and a long list of exams to study for, so when can you squeeze in some time for creativity?

Your creative senses may begin to lag if you haven’t focused on that part of yourself, distracted by being a busy student. Creativity doesn’t just include writing stories and drawing landscapes though, it can also embrace trying a new recipe for dinner or bringing a new idea to a group project. If you feel like your creative side is falling behind or if you are just looking for a new spark in your artistic thinking, VALLEY has you covered.

It’s In The Hue

Ever look at the deep and never ending hues of blue and green? You may forget that you do since it has become part of your everyday routine. On everyday’s walk to class, the blue sky sits above you and the green grass below. We see these colors everyday — so why are they so special? Researchers at the University of British Columbia say that blue is best at boosting our levels of creativity. 

We associate the color of blue with the ocean, the sky and water – all are very open and peaceful. Researcher Ravi Mehta says, “The benign hues make people feel safe about being creative and exploratory. Not surprisingly it is people’s favorite color.”

And the color green? Most of us associate it with growth because it’s the same color of trees, vegetables and plants that we see bloom and flourish. Next time you need a boost all you have to do is set your view on these pretty shades.

Pull It Apart

Breaking something apart might at first sound a little violent, but we don’t mean physically. Using your mind to break an object into parts can help you think more creatively when problem solving. Take the tree you see outside of your window as your object of choice. You see its wooden trunk, long branches and leaves. Then ask yourself if the tree can be broken down even further — you then include its roots, bark and sap. This strategy is known as the ‘Generic-Parts Technique.’ The technique says that because we become so fixated on an object’s conventional use or a problem’s common solutions, we forget to use our creative insight to help solve our problems.

Out With The Old

Seeing the same decorations scattered across your desk and the posters you’ve had since you moved in plastered on your wall can lead to a lack of creativity. Looking at the same objects in your room everyday is not helping your creativity. This doesn’t mean that you have to paint your walls or completely transform your room. Small changes can do the trick! If you can’t part with your posters or wall decor — simply rearrange them or add in a new piece.

If you find yourself eating the same thing for breakfast everyday but can’t part with it, try a new type of hot tea or coffee to change it up. Seeing little changes in your everyday life, even as small as what you choose to drink in the morning, can help expand your creativity. You will be exposed to new aspects and taken out of the cycle of sameness – your creativity will thank you.

Are You Serious?

Overthinking can reduce your creativity. If you’re processing too much information, you’re most likely putting too much pressure on yourself. To ease your mind and remove it from working too hard, take a break.

This suggestion can translate to whatever you need it to. If going on a run is your version of a break, take it; maybe it’s cooking with friends or catching up on your favorite shows. Even taking a nap can be beneficial for your creativity! Winding yourself up can prevent you from being productive and thinking creatively. Take a break to relax your mind, and try again when you can concentrate better.


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