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No two people are exactly the same – and neither are the three styles of curly hair. Each set of curls needs different things in order to help them to shine.  

The three types of curls are kinks, spirals and waves. Kinky curls are tight, sometimes coarse and need a lot of moisture to keep them looking their best. Spirals are less tight and are what most aim to create with a curling iron. While spirals typically need less moisture than kinky curls, they still need a lot more moisture than waves – and finding that balance can be tricky. Waves tend to be loose and never truly reach the circular motion that spirals and kinks have.

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When it comes to kinky curls it is recommended that a hydrating hair mask be applied once a week. The easiest and most affordable way to hair mask is to leave a generous amount of coconut oil in your hair for 15 minutes, then to wash it out with shampoo. Coconut oil is really hydrating, but can leave your hair looking borderline greasy, so rinsing and repeating twice is recommended. 


If your locks fall into spirals, try something like Evo’s Liquid Rollers which will help maintain the shape and texture of your curls without making your hair look greasy. Another great option is drybar’s The Chaser, which claims to be good for all hair types and keeps flyaways to a minimum.


For wavy hair, most find themselves in need of a frizz reduction. This frizz is typically caused when the top layer of the hair frays then swells up, making hair appear dryer than it actually is. A daily hair cream is the easiest way to solve this.

Upkeep Your Curly Locks
The Chaser Shine Cream

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Shampoo and conditioner are the foundation for any healthy head of hair and can make for bad hair days to be few and far between. Using products that are specially formulated to work with curls is the true secret. OGX’s Coconut Curls is a perfect choice with it’s coconut oil and honey blend that keeps frizz at bay without weighing hair down.

Combing your hair, instead of using a brush, is also recommended by many hair stylists to keep curly hair in check. When a brush must be used, a Wet Brush is best and should be utilized in the shower while conditioner is still in your hair.

Every type of curl is beautiful and should be protected against heat while blow drying or straightening. Be sure to add a heat protectant to your routine to preserve those pretty curls.


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