Gilmore Girls Fall: How to Romanticize Fall in State College

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State College isn’t always the “Happy Valley” that it is typically known to be. When fall hits, walking to classes in the blustering wind can be brutal. With temperatures dropping, many of us fall victim to seasonal depression. However, the cold weather doesn’t have to be all that bad. Along with lower temperatures brings the fall aesthetic of pumpkin patches and cozy coffee shops, but most importantly, the dream of obtaining the “Gilmore Girls” fall lifestyle comes back for the season. The thought of being served a warm cup of coffee from a grumpy, yet hot, barista who rocks a backwards baseball cap makes the fall feel a little more bearable. Here are some tips on how to make State College feel like Stars Hollow for the fall.

Create a Coffee Routine
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Instead of waiting in the long Starbucks line or picking up a sub-par grocery store coffee on your way to class, find ways to enjoy your coffee in the morning. First, try a coffee shop downtown. State College and University Park have an array of coffee shops, from Irving’s to Saxbys, so there are plenty of spots to go to for your morning cup. Also, another option is to make your coffee at home. This option is more affordable and a little more flexible. From different syrups to add to your coffee to buying decorative oversized “Gilmore Girls” styled mugs, coffee at home can be an exciting part of your morning and can help motivate you to get out of bed after just one alarm.

Throw a Movie Night
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Rory and Lorelai are notorious for having extravagant movie nights, whether it’s just the two of them or with guests. They make Pop-Tarts and tater tots, order pizza and Chinese food and indulge in old movies like “Casablanca” and “A Star is Born.” Why not include a movie night into your fall festivities? On those rainy nights when you would rather go to bed early than leave the comfort of your apartment, invite some friends over, order some delivery food and watch a classic movie.

Take a Break From Your Phone and Crack Open a Book
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Along with the fall semester comes busy schedules and cluttered Canvas calendars. Between classes and club meets, it can be hard to find time to take a break, and most would rather scroll on TikTok during their free time instead of taking a phone break. However, taking an hour off of your phone can help you recharge and focus on something other than social media. Find yourself a comfy spot, turn off your phone and relax Rory Gilmore-style by starting a new book. While you could attempt to read Virginia Wolfe or “War and Peace,” any book will do.

Step Up Your Fall Fashion
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“Gilmore Girls” is a great show to find fall outfit inspiration. For a style like Rory’s, try a thick cable knit sweater paired with low rise jeans or a miniskirt. For Lorelai, think more eccentric and try new styles using layering and vintage pieces, which can be thrifted. Most importantly though, try different pieces that you didn’t think would go together. Some of the most iconic outfits in Gilmore Girls are tied together with pieces you never would have thought to wear together. And if all else fails, a flannel is always recommended.

Go to a Farmer’s Market and Buy Yourself a Thousand Yellow Daisies
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Well, maybe not a thousand, but flowers can help boost your mood on those cold fall days. With all the farmer’s markets that come downtown, why not stop by and get yourself a nice arrangement? While it’s no delivery from Max Medina, coming home to a nice vase of flowers can help you, and your roommates, feel a little better after a Pollock Testing Center exam.

While these tips can help you enjoy the changing weather, even just watching “Gilmore Girls” after a long day of walking uphill against the wind can help you appreciate the fall a little more.

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