Challenge Accepted: The Ford Motor Company and Penn State


The Ford Motor Company called, and Penn State answered.

Recently, Valley got the chance to cover an amazing event featuring Intern Queen, Lauren Berger. Over 250 students turned out for the presentation, but what actually went into bringing the Intern Queen to Penn State? Enter the Ford College Ambassador Challenge.

The Ford Motor Company asked college students across the country to compete for some amazing prizes, all by utilizing the power of social media and marketing tactics.

Teams from each university were given a series of challenges to complete that would showcase Ford and harness social media to snag votes in an effort to win first place.

Team leader and senior Carlee Delp jumped at the opportunity to participate.

“The challenge has definitely encouraged me to think outside of the box as well as on my feet,” says Delp. “Everything is very fast paced, so being able to rely on my teammates for support has been key. Beside getting to drive around a brand new car for a few months, it’s been great to be able to represent and support such a huge international brand like Ford. It’s been incredible to get to impact the student body at large through this competition.”

The first challenge consisted of the team creating a Vine using a Ford Fusion to showcase a day-in-the-life of a PSU student. The team then hosted the Drive Your Career event on campus, featuring Lauren Berger.

Delp and her fellow team members, senior Melissa Conrad, junior Tim Pecora and senior Brenna Urban, have worked hard this semester to complete each challenge. But, they haven’t had to go at it alone. Penn State’s own Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) played a roll in helping the team make the most of their second challenge.

“Contributing to the challenge, we were the funnel that the challenge came through,” says PRSSA President and senior Rebecca Shapiro.  “As Penn Staters, we want to support other [Penn Staters] in their different extra-curriculars, and support them in this competition.”

The challenge consists of eight other universities, all pulling for the grand prize of an exclusive internship and interview for full-time employment with the Ford Motor Company, a networking experience at Ford World Headquarters, and $500.

The teams to beat? Michigan, Villanova, Rutgers, Illinois, Wisconsin, Boston College, Ohio State and Minnesota.

You can get involved by clicking here to vote for Delp and her team. Each vote counts toward pushing them ahead of the other universities. The challenge ends at the end of November, and the winner will be announced shortly after.

And from the Valley staffers to our fellow Penn Staters – we’re pulling for you!

Photo by Rebecca Shapiro


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