After Almost a Decade, We’re Just Weeks Away from the Gilmore Girls Revival

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Nine years ago, we said goodbye to our favorite coffee-obsessed mother-daughter duo. Through tear-blurred eyes and a sudden craving for Pop tarts during the series finale, we knew the only hope of seeing Stars Hollow and its fast-talking inhabitants again remained solely in our dreams…until now. A Netflix Gilmore Girls revival is happening on November 25, and the World. Is. Freaking. Out.

The last time we saw Lorelei and Rory, so much was left unanswered. What’s the sitch with Luke and Lorelei? When will Rory be back with her BFF/mother again? Who will Rory end up with? Will Kirk ever maintain a substantial job and move out of his mother’s house?

A Year in the Life will consist of four 90-minute episodes, each one taking place in a different season. Nearly every major Gilmore Girls character will be returning to the mini series, with the exception of Richard Gilmore, played by Edward Herrmann, who sadly passed away in 2014.

As Penn State GG fans are in their final weeks of binge-watching the seven seasons before the big premiere, Valley asked what they want to see happen next in the show.

“I’ve been rooting for Luke and Lorelei to stay together since the first episode, so I’m hoping to see that,” says Alex Panepresso, a senior communications arts and science major.

Another student, junior health policy admin major Alicia Mosebrook, is up for anything to happen. “I’m just so excited for the revival,” she says. “I watched it everyday after school when I was in middle school.”

While finding out what the Gilmore girls have been up to the past few years may be enough to lock you in on November 25, the true reason we’ve been so desperate for a revival lies within the realization that this show has taught us some of the most important lessons in our lives.

As we grew up with Rory, we cried with her through our own heartbreaks, we empathized with her when things didn’t work out no matter how hard we worked, and we understood that there is nothing more powerful than a relationship between a mother and daughter. (Admit it, you, along with every other girl, claim that you and your mom are exactly like Lorelei and Rory.)

Gilmore Girls showed us that it’s OK to make mistakes, that you shouldn’t live your life to please people, that it’s not the end of the world if you change your mind again and again, and above all, to never ever take life too seriously.

The most valuable lesson of all? None of us can pull of their eating habits. Go ahead and try.

If you’re up for viewing the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life trailer a hundredth time (and you obviously are), take a look at it here.