THON 2013: Mail Moments

sam florio 8It’s the little things that help dancers get through THON- snacks, socks, friends visiting from the stands…and mail call. We went down to the floor after mail was distributed to hear about the letters received.

sam florio 1


Spencer Bernstein, dancing for Sigma Alpha Mu, couldn’t help but laugh when he opened this letter and looked to his left… and his right. Zach Pitts, his dancing partner and best friend, was giggling with a guilty look on his face, while opening his own huge neon-green card.

sam florio 2

Hannah Carroll, dancing for Chi Omega, opened this card to find a one dollar bill from her brother. For no reason other than to provide a smile, her brother decided to include a Washington in her letter.

sam florio 4

Delta Upsilon dancing brothers showing off each other’s mail over a laugh.

sam florio 6sam florio 7

Joe Scordo, dancing for Sigma Alpha Mu, looks up in to the crowd to find which friend was responsible for his risque picture. His next note brought on a different kind of emotion.

As we saw, some letters provide for more emotional relief than others, whether through tears or a smile.

Photos by Sam Florio.

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