THON 2013: Why They Dance- Alumni Edition

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Ever think about how an answer to one question can change things forever? Stacy-Bingler Forbes, THON’s first ever woman Overall Chairperson, didn’t realize the impact her natural reaction to a seemingly simple question would have on THON’s future.

“How would you handle being the first woman chair?” In 1995, this was an interview question to all Overall Chairperson female candidates. She immediately said, with confusion and shock, “I just don’t understand. I’m a woman, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Bingler interpreted this question as silly, as if they asked her “How do you handle going to class each day?” Well, her non-conventional, brave, and confident answer got her the position. Aren’t we glad!

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Since her term as Overall Chairwoman (woo!), she’s been a very active alumni. As a member of the Four Diamonds Board, and a member of the Dance Marathon Alumni Interest Group (DMAIG), she returns to participate in THON every year (flying all the way from Colorado). This year especially, she’s very devoted as an alumni dancer. On her 40th birthday and both THON and the Four Diamonds Fun 40th anniversary, she decided this year would be her last hurrah.

Her and her partner, Jeff Krisciunnas, were chosen to dance for raising the most money out of their alumni association, DMAIG. It wasn’t a small chunk of change either- it was over $25,000. All FTK!

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Stacy was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, and still dances for the family she originally supported as a Penn State student. Aubrey Minnaugh, now 25 years old, will be at THON to spend time with Stacy.

Her story is a true inspiration to not only Penn State women, but all students to hope to stay involved for years to come. Thanks, Stacy!

Photos by Sam Florio


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