Getting the Date


As the semester moves into October, we see more and more people gathering in flannels and preparing to go on their organization’s Hayride. This can only mean one thing: dated-function season has arrived.

The season starts slowly with Hayride—a night where you and the bachelor of your choice will take a tractor out to a campground with the rest of your group, sit by campfires, roast s’mores and get mud all over your boots. Most Hayrides take place in October, but from there it’s a slippery slope. Before you know it, you’re trying to get invites to fraternity’s fifth-and-a-friend parties, trying to find a date to your own formal, all with frat formal Friday creeping up.

I know it’s still early in the season (I sincerely hope you’re not already planning to ask a guy now to your formal that is in December), but it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about it. Whether you’re a freshman that does not know many guys here yet, or a junior that is still recovering from a last year disaster date, we should all be keeping an eye out for potential options. 

The first question you must ask yourself: who do I want to bring? Well, there are several different types of dates to choose from…


Taking your guy best friend is always a solid choice. You know each other well, so you are guaranteed to have fun with them with no awkward vibes. Also, you don’t have to fear painful rejection when you ask, because after all, it is just your bestie.

The Boyfriend

Why are you reading this article? You have an automatic date for just about everything. However, if something goes wrong with said boyfriend days before the function, you can always turn to option number 3…

The Blind Date

That guy who is roommates with your best friend’s friend from home: i.e. the set-up. This is a classic option for any of you that put off asking until the last minute. Whether you’re being someone’s blind date to their function or taking a blind date to your own, you will be in for a fun no-strings-attached night. Just make sure to check out his Facebook profile beforehand so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

The Crush

Come on, just ask him already.

…But how to go about asking? It’s not as hard as you think. First, determine the amount of time until your event. If it is a Hayride that is two weeks away, ask someone soon. If it is an event that is two months away, chill out.

For those of you that need a date for a quickly approaching function, first pick your potential guy. Now, think of when you’re likely to see him. Do your paths cross on the way to class? Waiting for your Starbucks in the Hub? Out at night? Whenever it is, startup conversation next time you see him. This is your opportunity to pop the question—but please, be casual. You’re not asking him to prom.

If you are too nervous to ask him in person, take the easy way out via your iPhone. Shoot him a quick text. (Warning: If it’s the type of guy you can barely talk to face to face, is this really the guy you will be comfortable enough spending the entire night of your dated function with?)

And if for some unimaginable reason your potential date says no, don’t sweat it. There are over 20,000 other guys on campus that would be more than happy to be your date.


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