Cheater, Cheater

Korch_CheatingThe concept is simple enough: when one is in a committed relationship, one respects said relationship. But if it’s so simple, then why do so many college students get cheated on? Valley is fed up.

When immaturity gets the best of someone, and they break that bond of trust, we have two choices: stay with them, or leave them in the dust.

“The second I found out the guy I thought I would spend the rest of my life with had betrayed and embarrassed me, I felt lost and broken,” says Taylor*, a sophomore, who broke things off with her boyfriend as soon as he cheated.  

“He told me that it was a mistake and begged for me back, but I realized this issue went far beyond cheating. Not only had he cheated on me, but he was too insecure to the point where he had to have another girl to feel loved.”

But if we do choose to stay, will history repeat itself? Jessica*, also a sophomore, gave her boyfriend a second chance only to be disappointed once again.

“I never understood why a girl would ever go back to her boyfriend if he cheated on her,” said Jessica. “About a week after I broke up with my boyfriend for cheating on me I finally understood why these girls go back to their unfaithful boyfriends.”

Jessica claims that it was the little things she missed, the insignificant things she had never felt mattered until he was gone.

“After getting back together with him he caused me even more pain and heartache. I learned that people do not change and that those little things are completely worthless when the big things, like respect and trust, are absent in a relationship,” says Jessica.

Bottom line: cheating sucks. But maybe there is a silver lining.

“Ending things with him for good has been the best decision I’ve made and it has only made me a stronger and more independent person.”

* Names have been changed

Photo by Jessica Korch 


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