Get The Look For Free: Instagram’s Eye Lift Hack

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If you have a cell phone, odds are you know what Instagram is or even have an account. The social media app launched in 2010 and over the last 10 years has become the “It” app of the social scene. Not only has ‘The Gram’ been a platform to connect with people around the world, but also a place where trends are sparked, specifically beauty trends.

Nearly all celebrities have social media accounts, and many are most active on Instagram, so it’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself scrolling through a celeb’s profile and comparing yourself to their ‘picture perfect’ posts.

Thus, the origin of the ‘Instagram face.’ You know what we’re talking about — the big lips, sleek jawline, huge cat eyes, small pointy nose…basically Bella Hadid. A-list stars like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, along with the rest of the Kardashian clan, have been huge influencers when it comes to this adored face, and honestly, it’s not that far out of reach for us average gals.

You either need to make an appointment with your local plastic surgeon or download the infamous FaceTune app. Or is there another way? Recently, the viral ‘eyelift’ challenge has been all over social media. It’s an easy way to achieve the big fox eyes look and imitate thread lifts — and you can do it yourself at home. Is it the influencer community’s best-kept secret? Or will it be the next Kylie Lip Challenge flop? 

Photo posted on Instagram by @KylieJenner.
Thread Lifts

First, let’s talk about thread lifts. Basically, they are a non-surgical brow lift that pulls up the skin by injecting a tiny dissolvable thread into the face. The popular Instagram account, CelebFace (known for exposing all celebrities for FaceTune fails or plastic surgery) has posted a thread of individuals who have gone through the process.  

Photo posted on Instagram by @CelebBeforeAfter.
The Hack

Doesn’t sound appealing? VALLEY’s got good news. With the new eyelift hack trend, you may not have to let a needle get anywhere near your face. Essentially, it’s a three-step process.

Step one: Section your hair into two parts and tie the top part up.

Step two: Pull and tie back the baby hairs above your ears and below your eyes into a tight bun.

Step three: Let the top part of your hair down and style as you wish!

If you need a visual, we’ve got you covered. Heres a TikTok that went viral unveiling the results of this hack. 

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